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Rich...the yellow yellow yellow jacket.

You missed a couple of good hikes on Saturday.  Looks like you should have good conditions this weekend -- I'm hoping that it first drops a bunch of snow in BC...



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I skied it weekdays only ~1/18-24 (snowed 3 days, then 3 days sun):


Worthwhile; not completely open; better surface to ski on but very hard to see in when it is snowing; and the absence of trees and sparse features to provide reference provides little to focus on - results in vertigo; maybe there's a better color goggle lense for this than the amber I had.  Surface got thinned out quickly and firmer when it stopped snowing - still skiable but had to watch more for rocks (still blowing, as it did every day 30-45+ mph).    Some areas with rocks - most marked (not all).  Will be better with more of it open to hiking (much closed due to avalanches, which did occur relatively nearby in those closed areas while I was there).

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Today Peak 6 was by far the most busy part of the mountain, for a Monday.  The rest of Breck was empty.  The new snow in the afternoon made things nice.  I didn't ski anything on 6 this afternoon, and hung out on 8 & 9.


The blue runs down from Peak 6 today looked like a demolition derby, due to the new snow, flat light, and poor visibility.  People falling all over the place, running into each other, someone trying to skid down on their rear end.  Frankly, it was hilarious to see and further proof to the point that these runs should not be rated blue.  People who are "okay" on blues on Peak 7 & 8 really struggle on Peak 6 blues.

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If the labeling of the runs is not adequate, will Breck (or any other resort for that matter) relabel them black if enough people make a point of it? Or is common for a resort to not change a run from blue to black or viceversa?
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The ability rating of ski runs is one of the more useless pieces of info on the planet, in view of the "relative to this ski area" caveat. 


But this level of inconsistency within the same ski area is a new low, and for a place as prominent as Breckenridge, they ought to fix it.

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Has Vail made a conscious effort to do away with the double-blue/blue-black rating at resorts they own or are involved with?  I've noticed on older maps that Breck used to have some blue-black trails, but when I was out there last winter, all of those trails seemed to have been reclassified as either blue or black, nothing in-between.  There were a lot of groomed "blacks" that I'm guessing used to be blue-black (Spruce and Crystal immediately come to mind).  Meanwhile, single-blue Crescendo was covered with some pretty good-sized bumps.

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Spent quite some time on Peak 6 over the last 2 weeks and really enjoyed it on the days the wind wasn't blowing and before the crowds built up.  It did need some more snow by the middle of last week, but I believe that has arrived.  I agree the top of the blue runs would be a bit of a surprise to someone expecting something similar to what is classed as blue on the other Peaks, because of the steepness and variability of the terrain, but I thought Bliss was great fun in its un-groomed and windswept state, particularly when coming down from the "hike to" terrain. I figure there still must be a serious novelty factor when it comes to this Peak even for locals, given the extraordinary queue for Epic Mix photos to be taken at the top of the Kensho chair and the way it and the slope emptied out on the Sunday afternoon the Broncos and Patriots were playing for the AFC championship.  Probably goes without saying it wasn't that much fun when the wind was howling, particularly as the Zendo lift travels along a purpose built wind tunnel and with no footrest the safety bar continually flies up unless you lean on it, I almost got smacked in the face when sitting forward chatting to someone.

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Breck used to use the Blue-Black rating up until about 2007 or so and then changed all of those runs to black.  Pretty much any of the black runs that are groomed used to have a Blue-Black rating, (e.g, Spruce, Frosty's, American, Peak 10). Even some those runs back in the 80s/early 90s used to be rated blue.  Primarily due to liability and for standardization to the national rating system they got rid of the blue-black rating.

The crux of the issue is that Breck seems a dispropriate number of visitors that are low-intermediate skiers.


Also, agree there is a lot of novelty to Peak 6 now as its so new.  It was very interesting to be up there this week when they opened the hike-to terrain and skiing stuff for the very first time alongside long-time locals who were experiencing it too for the first time.


Patrol is obviously being super-conservative on terrain openings and on control work on Peak 6.  This is because its the first year, limited history, and also with how bad the underlying layers are in the snow pack.  My guess is that the Peak 6 hike-to terrain will always be the last to open following a storm and in many cases may not open for another day after the rest of the stuff.

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I ran across this thread looking for descriptions of E.S.P. - I just skied it for the first time last weekend and wanted to describe it to my parents.


It's really interesting to read a thread where people are talking about certain Breck runs being rated too low (usually it's the opposite complaint), and @anachronism *practically* saying Breck has decent terrain!

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