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I have decided to get a new pair of ski + skiboots (as I recently moved to Switzerland), and I would like to buy them online. 

I am 173cm, medium build. I used to ski pretty well when younger, I'd say I was intermediate to advanced, but I havent skied for a while (about 7 years). I mostly go to pistes. 


I have browsed the internet for some time now and found good offers for these ski models. 

- HEAD MYA NO. 3 LR + MYA 9 LRX 13/14 (163 cm)

- SALOMON PURE WHITE + L10 WHITE 13/14 (167 cm)

- DYNASTAR Neva 74 Xpress Eco + Xpress Excl 10 (163 cm)

- DYNASTAR Active + Xpress Excl 10 (163 or 168 cm)

ROSSIGNOL Unique 2S + Xelium Saphir 100 (163 cm)

- ROSSIGNOL Temptation 74 + Xelium Saphir 110 (166 cm)



Could you please advice me on which one are best?


It's really hard to choose...


thanks a lot