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Skins on Pocket Rockets?

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I'm completely new to the backcountry thing, but I'm considering getting a pair of Pocket Rockets and mounting them with Fritschi Freerides. I've heard that fitting skins on the fat, round tips and tails of the PR can be a problem. Anyone know about this? :
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Hot sauce

The PR's I can't tell you about. The Freerides are an incredible binding, tho. Since I usually dial in a din of 10, it's nice to not be maxing out the springs like I was on my diamirs 2's. And it seems to be more allowing for snow-caking on the sole of the boots. Still haven't tried them on ice to see if fritchis chatter problem has been resolved.

Skins: I'm stuck on ascentions. They have the best glue and new tailclasp (which would work fine on PR's since the glue keeps the clasp centered. I figure if the tip bail fits over my ungainly plastic bandit tips, they'll surely fit over a rounded PR tip. Get the skins as wide as the widest part of your ski and trim the middle.

Welcome to the the next level of the sport!
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My son, daughter, and I all have Pocket Rockets with Freerides. Today my son skied a few runs at the end of the day with a Jackson Hole Posse (a gold medalist downhiller and world renown extreme skier) and I can say that for him (as well as myself and daughter) the Freerides really seem to hold up.

Just purchased Ascension skins with the clip fix system and spend half of the last week skinning up and skiing in Jackson Hole. Black Diamond (owns Ascension now) has a wide cable atachment for the Pocket Rockets (and other skis). We found it worked OK although the cable slipped off the tip a few times. I am thinking about notching the tip edge (on each side) for the cable loop but my kids don't think it's worth it. The clip fix seems to work on the rounded tail OK but I am thinking of filing a groove for it as well. The 120 mm skins we cut to fit work great though on some pretty long climbs (one long climb of 3,500 - 4,000 feet and one day with a lot of up and downs on Teton Pass).

Basically, I think the Pocket Rocket/Freeride set up is pretty "bomber." With some slight modification I think we can make the skin attachment the same. If you want to dissuss further just send a PM.
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Hello guys. I´m getting my skins next week. Should be
a pair of theese: http://www.freeheels.fi/shop/kuvat/t..._bd_skinit.jpg

I know, they are only 110mm wide, but what can you do?
I dont want to start to order from the states (to unreliable)
and you cant get any wide from finland. Some dude frome
the shop have used them in his 175cm PR for a year, and
he said they´ve held up fine.
Hope they works...
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Has anyone tried backcountry on the 1080's? I know it's a little thinner than the (I hear 'superb' PRs), but I'm cheap and am looking for "the one ski" to cover my on and off piste needs.
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Well, the skins are cut now...hope they works!!!
Took about half an hour to cut and adjust.
Now have to wait two of weeks untill i´ll have
a possibillity to test them big time!

About the 1080´. I think they´ll work fine.
In those BD skins the only concerne is the
tail hook. Dont know how it stick´s to the tail if
subjected to heavy abuse ( stones, sticks etc...)
Maybe have to cut or grind a small depression in
the tail.
Have you guys and gals glued the skins together
or folded onto themselves when you pack them up??
When i folded them onto themselves (as adviced in
the BD leaflet) 1/3 style, there was quite a lot glue
exposed to air. Experiences?
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