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Alp Ski

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Puit-Saint-Vincent in the south alps is a great station !!

Snow is incredible and i made a video wih my family. Ok it is'nt always X-Games but the puff powder there is was great !

Here's the link to the video if your are interested:

Or just type: Anselme Subtil - Alp Ski ft. Luke-A

I hope we'll see some of you armericans in puit-saint-vincent soon ! 

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First, welcome to this forum.  I have been to PSV in 2007 and absolutely loved it.  It is not as large a resort  as nearby Serre Chevalier, but overall, I thought it had excellent terrain and variety. 


BTW, not all of us are Americans.  Yours truly is Canadian, as are a large number of fellow forum members.  There is also a significant Australian contingent. 


Et certains d'entre nous parlent même le français!



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