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odd boot question - painful when taking them off?

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This is not exactly the biggest problem in the world, but it does bug me at the end of every day. 


In case it matters, these are 4 year old Dalbellos with stock liners and custom cork footbeds.


When I take my boots off and pull on the "tongue" [the front part of the liner, with the little loop on the top] to open them up and get my foot out, the tongue will pull past one or both sides of the shell, which will then press annoying sharp angles of plastic into the front of my ankle while I finish getting my foot out.  This doesn't feel good, needless to say.  It's exacerbated by the fact that one of my ankles was surgically rebuilt 18 years ago, so it's visibly larger and a bit less flexible than the other.


It's like the tongue is too narrow right at the angle where the shell goes from vertical to horizontal in the front of the boot, if that makes sense.  


Is there anything I can do about this problem, is there a shim to widen the tongue and prevent it from pulling thru, would a new custom liner help, or should I just resign myself to a few seconds of pain when taking my boots off?  


The boots fit great otherwise, are very comfortable while skiing, etc, it's just this one nagging problem.  My previous boots were Tecnica TC3s that I don't recall having this problem, but the last time I wore those boots were January of 2000 before I took 10 years off from skiing due to kids, work, etc. , so it's entirely possible I just don't remember that this happened then also.


I'm in Aspen until tomorrow, live in the San Francisco area, and will be in Sun Valley in late February, so if you have suggestions for anyone specific to talk to in any of those areas please fire away.


Thanks for any suggestions,


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Try this,


Forcefully, push the tongue to one side along with the liner side wall on that side, then push the other liner side wall in the opposite direction, so that you spread the liner and shell open sideways (this creates a "V" in the throat of the liner)


Now (while standing) place your palm on top of the back of the liner (and shell) and push downward while moving that knee forward/downward toward the floor---this motion will pull your heel upward out of the boot quickly.  Works great.


It also helps to warm up the boot after a day on the slopes, to soften the shell material ( a hair dryer ?)



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That did work much better, thanks! I never thought to try the asymmetric approach.

Now if you can do something about my knees after 40 years of playing soccer ...
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