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Trip to Aspen/Snowmass

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Hey Colorado!


We are headed to Aspen/ Snowmass in 1 week and we're looking for someone to show us a great run or 2. Any takers?


Thank you in advance,

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I won't be there but can make some recommendations if you let us know what type of terrain you like and lwhat level of skier/rider you are.

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Hey Mike! Thank you for responding. I am an advanced skier who loves powder and trees. The gentlemen I'm going with is an intermediate skier who likes the same thing. I was hoping for some nice tree runs that run parallel or close to a groomer so if he doesn't like deep stuff, we can meet at an intersection further down the hill. 

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I'd be happy to show you around. Just send round trip ticket from EWR and I'm there.

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The place I know that meets that requirement is at Snowmass. Take the burn chair. You enter Sneaky's trees skiers left off of Sneaky's. When that peters out, traverse right to piowerline glades.

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I agree with Mike - that's a fun area of the hill. Will probably be at Snowmass on Sunday.
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