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Getting ready for the Academy

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I am really getting pumped up for Utahr.
Yesterday I made a change in my footbed posting to get a little more control on the ball of my foot. It worked, I now have my boot pretty well dialed in. I may still make some changes to the liners for fit and I plan on making some changes to the lifters on the Linken binding.
I felt balanced enough to try them delightful coral head bumps. To my delight the boot and ski system was pretty well balance. I had fun.
The only thing I noticed was that the lifters on the Linken binding may be to much. I still feel a bit forward at times during turn inititation especially when trying to gain a very early edge during carving. Lowering the lift lowers the fulcum point over the sweet spot of the ski. I think response may be better with less lift. My skis are wide enough that boot out is not a concern.
Now I just have to find quads and abbs.
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I've also started preparing. I was drinking 3.8% beer last night.

But seriously, this day three weeks (at this time) I should be at around 38,000ft and somewhere over the Scottish Highlands, or perhaps the Atlantic.

That's only 3 weeks away

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