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I was unable to post to the thread so here you are. 


Broke my leg in three places 5 years ago. Had a back problem, went to a very good sports doctor and he found my right leg shorter then my left. He build two orthodontics,  the right one being noticeably taller with a built in heel lift. I immediately knew that was the problem and I could tell as soon as I walked. Now for skiing I had lifters built with the right one higher. In addition to my leg break my right foot was put back together and it is around 15 degrees to the right.I am canted 3 degrees inside right and one degree inside left and I have my right binding abducted to match my foot. I skied OK with the plates but they were long and I thought they stiffened up the ski to much. I removed the plates and installed a tall heel lift in my right boot and everything is fine. Have your alignment checked by someone who really knows what they are doing. I can ski now as good as ever.