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Medial or Inside Foot pain (near heel) after skiing

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I searched and couldn't find relevant info.  I apologize if it has already been covered many times.


I have two pair of boots and both are causing inner foot pain around the inside of the heal.  I have have gone to two local shops to get help, but I am still having issues.  Boots are Cochise 120 and Lange RS 130 Wides.


I would say I have high arches, but haven't experience lack of support issues in other activities.  That said, at shops suggestion I bought some green sol insoles and then some sidas "volcano" insoles on my own to test and am still having problems.  


My thoughts are the heel pockets are not wide enough on these boots for my overall wide feet.  The insoles also cause extra pressure on my high instep, but that I have always managed by not buckling the bottom two buckles, even without insoles I have instep issues.


 The boots have also been punched, but it was just where I told the fitter to punch and it appears to have re-formed a little to original shape.


I drew a circle around the area of pain I am experiencing on a stock image.  I also have pain in heel directly below circled area as well. After skiing the area forms a painful hard lump of tissue that lasts a couple days.  Maybe someone has had experience here and can suggest that I need a boot with a big heel pocket, higher arch support, another potential issue....






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you have bought 2 different trim to fits, and they are both might be related to the pain you are having. 


WAG is that your arch does not match either footbed, and you may need to be in a custom insole that can be built to perfectly mate with the bottom surface of your foot.


the area you have circled is halfway between your navicular bone and the edge of your arch. you also said that it hurts below the circle which would be your arch not your heel. enough of a basic anatomy lesson for you.


it might be easier to give you good information if you would actually take a picture of your foot and post it for us to look at. the same view would be nice. it would also be helpful to see a photo of your feet and legs, with one of each footbed under your feet, in a seated position with your feet parallel about at hip width and the view shot from the front so that both arches and the footbed are visible.


as far as the punch goes, when properly executed, you can see the shape change. when you can't see it, it isn't there. you should have paid for that punch with invisible money, or money that looked ok when you paid, but then the ink disappeared after it was put in the cash drawer.;)



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Thanks for taking some time Jim as I realize fit issues are best resolved in person.  I am working on the cash on a string thing, but I am sure the shop would do another punch gratis, but it was already inconvenient the first two trips, a third and we are talking some serious effort, but how bad do I want it right.


The additional pain that I referred to outside of circled area in the original post is concentrated under the very lower right side of the circled area and pretty much where the line is drawn in that portion of the "circle."


The sol insoles are in fact superfeet blue ones, not sol green ones.


I added a few pics of said hobbit feet, but couldn't get a very good angle.  Seated with a slight lean forward to get the pics.  Added another pic of said lump that forms, but also hard to see.





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did the punch work to begin with?   you can get it re-done (some times they do come back in a bit) or if the punch worked, but didn't last, get it ground out in that spot is another option

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I thought the punch helped to begin with.  Likely will go back in to get additional work, and do some more trial and error, but it would be nice if it wasn't so painful.  Having boots on at home, and they actually feel okay, but get me on mountain and things turn on me. I am torn on whether the insoles are helping or hurting.  I did have this issue before the punch and insole attempts.  The insoles just leave less room throughout than I would like.

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so from your photo, what i was looking for was how the arch matched the curve of the footbed. no smoking gun. there are many factors and things to look at.


interface of the footbed to the liner and the shell?

interface of the boot board to the footbed, as in has the arch and varus/valgus on the boot board been neutralized?

can't get the total view of your foot shape and volume/girth from your photos, but when the foot is in the boot with a liner bottom spacer and a footbed, is the fleshy or boney parts of your foot up against the shell?



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Many shops use footbeds in the belief they are some sort of panacea, when what they are is footbeds.  They may help and they may not and in your case I wouldn't beat myself up over it it sounds as if they aren't.  However, there are things about fit in the boots that are essential and that Jim is starting to work with.


They must sit flat in the boot and be supported only by the boot board and not by the sides of the shell.  When fitting footbeds whether custom or not we place them in the shell on the boot board (zeppa) and they must sit flat and not contact the shell anywhere other than the rear of the heel when we move them back.


Then and only then do we place them into the liner and expect a tighter but same kind of easy fit in it.  Anything else and the footbed is adding incorrect support and position to the foot.


But it seems to me although from pictures it seems you don't pronate much however it is hard to tell I'd guess the area of your arch that is bothering you is contacting the shell on each turn.  Your right foot when you turn left and your left foot when you turn right.


Pull the liner and  place your feet in the shells with both shells parallel and lined up at the toe.  Move your feet to the back of the shell and look at clearance between the area below your navicular and the shell.  If touching or even very close have someone move the area out slightly.  Personally I find a punch is better than a grind here.



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Thanks fellas.  A lot of info to work with here and now am able to better articulate a few concerns to fitter to make some progress.


For reference, anyone care to share what the current highest volume (high instep + width in forefoot and heel) 130+ flex boots are on the market or planned for market?  Everything seams to get narrow in the high performance category and I realize that makes sense as it's easier to add volume, but am curious if there is a white unicorn out there.

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some white and pink ones, and a white ones with polka dots, but the pure white is out hiding in the neverland forest with the great white whale and the sasquatch.



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So your telling me I can turn these into a 130+ flex with a booster strap.  Might be worth a trip to tahoe

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Always worth a trip to Tahoe and the booster strap alone won't do it.  You'll need to add the strap on spoilers for the same effect rearward.



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