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Need advice:


Skiing about 20 years. Last years I found myself moving more and more offpiste. But anyway it is just 50/50%.

5'11", 165lbs.


Ski I had:

- Volkl 5* - I think it was very good skis: fast and very good grip on ice, but not good on bumps and offpiste.


- Head monster IM 78 liquidmetal - very good on powder, but I did not try them on ice.


- Head i.supershape titan - worst ski in my life. They are too soft, bad in every conditions, does not hold on ice at all, just to small turns on prepared snow.


- Salomon BBR - it is something strange, I would not say they are good, on ice on bumps they are really bad.


- Salomon X-Wings something with TI - something in the middle, but not for offpiste.


- Nordica Fire-Arrow 80 - best wki in my life: I did not try them on ice, but every other is super, slower than volkl on turning from side to side. but graphics on these skis :(


- Dynastar Legend 80 - also not bad, like nordica, but Nordica was better because small radius.


So now I looking for something for this season vacation.

I am looking at ebay, that it why I prefer old years.


I would like, so simple :) skis for every conditionsI

- Ice grip is important

- and 80mm+ wide to offpiste.

- I like bumps also.

- Small radius is prefferable.

- Sometime During good conditions I would like to put a lot o pressure and I would like to feel output from the skis.


My short list, without any sorting:

- Nordica FireArrow 80

- Volkl AC50

- Scott Crusade

- Kastle MX88

- K2 AfterShock


Could you please recommend something else?


Maybe Atomic Blackeye Ti - but how are they on the ice?


Thank you.