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Do gloves "pack out" like boot liners?

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I've often said my current pair of gloves may be the best I've ever owned, but lately they don't seem to be keeping my fingers as warm as they used to. Yesterday wasn't all that cold (low 20's), I was surprised that my fingertips were tingly. Could my glove insulation be wearing out, or is another sign of old(er) age rearing it's ugly head? Full disclosure: I'm in my early 60s, reasonably good health and fitness but I do take blood pressure medication and a daily "baby aspirin". Gloves are 2-3 seasons old, probably around 60 days total usage.   


Thanks in advance

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It's time for some new gloves!   They last longer if you don't use poles!  

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Depends on what kind of insulation.  Are they removable liners?  If I pull out my removable liners I can see where gripping the pole has compressed the fleece more than the back of the hand.  Short answer, they probably are compressing, which would diminish the insulation slightly.  How much is the harder answer. 

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Gloves do get colder, but 60 days seems rather short.

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Nothing last forever. One trick I've learned is that while on the chair lift, grab the sleeve of your jacket above your forarm and move it around, do that to both arms. A few minutes later you'll feel your hands warm up.

IMO all the clothing is closing off the blood flow to your hands while its bunched up by your elbow.

I also have different gloves for different temp's. I'll change gloves at lunch to from time to time.
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You are overanalyzing this. It is normal for fingers to feel warmer or colder on certain days days. My gloves are more than 10 years old and they feel as warm / cold as the day I bought them. I do notice that when I look at new Reusch gloves in a ski store my gloves suddenly feels too cold or warm or tight or I just don't like the color. But when I walk out the store my gloves suddenly feels just right.

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If you have a boot dryer, dry your gloves at the end of the day.  It fluffs up the insulation.  Also, washing and drying them fluffs up the insulation.  Gloves pack out like a synthetic fill sleeping bag.  Once that happens to your gloves, they will never be as warm as they were when new.  Try some down gloves.  Like the down used in sleeping bags, it is highly resistant to going flat or packing out even when regularly compressed.

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