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One do it all ski (50/50) - Hell and Back?

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Currently I own a Nordica Dobermann Spitfire Pro EDT 170 - awesome rece style carver for groomers. Had bought it a couple years ago for both: local hills (~70m elevation) and big mountain euro resorts.


I am 33y.o., 186cm tall, 75kg.

Consider myself advanced to expert skier. Really good carving skills on groomed. Good on crud. Not so good anywhere esle, but handle bumps, steeps etc ok.

Like to be aggressive and fast.


Love my Spitfires on good groomed slopes - they are just incredible, super fast, great edge hold - like a supercar. But in all other conditions... not the best tool for the job.

Especially I struggled on steep bumps - too stiff, exhausting and unforgiving.

Also they are a little dull and lazy, would prefer something more agile and playful.


So I am starting to consider a good carving all mountain ski, which would be used 50/50 on- and off-piste in big mountain resorts only. No local hills.

I am leaning more towards GS turns on groomed runs but still want in to tackle powder, steeps, bumps, trees. I am not a hardcore skier (more a die hard mountain biker) and will be able to travel to real mountains about 2-3 weeks per season and not under the forecast - so no much powder expected, conditions might be any. Also shredding groomers becomes a little boring for me and monotonous. I am really keen to explore off piste riding (have some experiece), besides all my skiing/boarding friends are pretty hardcore freeriders and I need to be able to go with them.


A little write up of my experience on other skis for better understanding of my needs and tastes:

Nordica Hot Rod Elimintaor 178 (owned)

+ really good on crud, absorbs bumps ok

- doesn't hold edge on groomed

- sinks in powder

Nordica Dobermann SL Pro 165 (friends)

+ great edge hold

+ flexy for being very playful, agile and lively

- to short turns for my taste (yet I would love to use them on local small hills!)

- too narrow even for crud

- strictly groomer

Blizzard R-power full susp 177 (tested)

+ great edge hold

+ insane bump absorbtion

+ pretty lively

- strictly groomer


Also tested some other Blizzards, but nothing much to say about them...


I am not sure but suppose I don't really like metal in skis, probably because I am light. I love every aspect of my Dobermann Spitfire Pro EDT 170 on groomers except being somewhat dull and damp. They start to feel ok only at very high speeds. Is this the metal thing or I am wrong?


From what I have read and heard seems like the Nordica Hell and Back are my best option. Should I look at any other skies? Steadfast? Other brands?

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The HB seems to be a tad softer than the Steadfast, but carves equally well, I think. In bumps, the Steadfast is a tad easier to ski, I think due to the width difference. But overall, I think the HB in 185 would suit your needs nicely. I own it since a few weeks and tried it in varied conditions (ice, almost no snow up to 50 cm of heavy powder) in Serre Chevalier, France, for a week. They just do well whatever you throw at them.

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