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What is recommended length for the ski

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I have a retarded question.....

what would be recommend length for Blizzard Bonafide

for Male, 40, advanced, 190+++ lbs, 6' tall?


I bought 180 but haven't demo it (ski was so hot last year that I could never find demo in 180).

I've demo a bushwacker in 180 and didn't find a problem with length, as well as I demo cochise  in 177 and liked it.

So I figured out that 180 would be a good size for me.

However, now when I am reading various forums, people saying that 6' and ~200 lb --> 180 is short.

Due to lack of snow I can not really demo the ski even so bonafide is available in 180... :(

and I really don't want to mount the binding right now till I'm sure...

Am I worry too much?


thank you,

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Yes, your worrying to much.  Your 6 foot or about 183 cm tall.  That ski is not to heavily rockered so you should be fine unless like myself you are an advanced skier and prefer skis taller than you are.  In that case the 187 may have been a better call.

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Oleg, you are obsessing about this stuff way too much.  Just mount your bindings, ski your new equipment and decide if they are everything you were expecting.  And once you have made a real assessment of the Bonafide - for you - you'll be much better positioned to better answer your other questions about the other ends of your quiver.


180 is fine for you in the Bonafide.  I am roughly your size (5'11", 185#) and it is perfect as an all mountain ride.  I live in the PNW, so our terrain (you ski Tahoe, right) is similar.  You don't need to ski this one longer.  Lie down and let the feeling go away and keep the ego out of it.  Based on past posts, I can tell that you like Blister (your asks seem like a mashup of Epic and Blister's greatest hits).  Read their review - one point that I agree with after 40+ days on the Bonafide is that you don't need to size this ski up.


BTW, if you like the Cochise in 177, then the analog Bonafide is 173 - not 187.  The analog Cochise for a skier who likes the Bonafide in 180 is 185.


Ski the 180.  You may or may not love them - but length won't be the issue.

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the 180 will be perfect.

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thank you for all your answers, I think I been overthinkint this ... ( not a good thing).

Will dance for a snow and wait (it should be a rain on Jan 20-24 in Tahoe)

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180 will be fine, O.
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