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Originally Posted by razie View Post

Cool - I do see quite a few Dynastars around.... I am waiting for these now, always wanted my own Fischers and they were a good deal. Where does he post stuff for sale?

PM sent.

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Originally Posted by razie View Post

thanks for this - makes a lot of sense.


I just ordered a Fischer RC4 WC SL 158cm WCP in the stiff version - did I make a good choice or is the medium flex better for me? 5'7" / 145 lbs, can cross-block :rolleyes


I figured the stiffer is more versatile...? Apparently the Atomics ski stiffer and I do like their 158 FIS.




FYI, for the record…


I bought those 12'-13' Atomic Redster FIS-compliant SL skis w/ X 16 bindings (158 cm, 12.7 radius) last year and absolutely LOVE them. LOVE ‘em!


I’m obviously a racer (61 yo, 5’-9”, 160 lb., Masters/“Platinum” NASTAR racer), but these skis are by FAR the most fun rec skis I have ever owned. They rip on ice, hard pack and corduroy, they shred bumps better than any ski I have ever owned, and even do surprisingly well in powder.


A few things that make them ideal for me:

  • Turn radius = 12.7 meters. I can actually carve and turn when and where I want.

    • This is in complete contrast to most skiers here in Colorado skiing on the mid-fat, and super-fat all-mountain/powder skis. 95%-99% of the time we are skiing on the same hard pack, but they are forced to ski huge radius turns, skid all over the place, nearly loose it on the ice, or otherwise sail down the mountain “carving” nearly straight turns

  • Length. I can easily maneuver them “at will” in the bumps. I can turn in a flash and inside the turn radius of most others who are forced to follow the ruts.

  • “Piste rocker.” A feature I thought was BS and didn’t need:

    • Really helps with turn initiation, especially in the bumps and softens the bumps up considerably

    • Helps to a surprising degree in powder, especially for these little shorties

  • Flex. At my size, weight and ability (and my current 100% rec focus), these skis have the perfect flex. I can overpower them on some rare occasions. But if I have any trouble with them, it’s almost always my mistake.

    • They have okay (not great) stability at high speeds, less than my much longer GS skis.

    • Also, compared to my GS skis, they are far more workable. It took very high speeds (unsafe on most resort slopes), huge leans and nearly a 99% effort to work and flex my GS skis properly (which is fine/great for short GS races, but not so much for just noodling around).

  • More on flex.

    • I might consider a stiffer, longer ski for hard core slalom racing, but in the race training I have done, these skis have been more than adequate. And I think their softer flexing, shorter turning features have helped me more so than not.


So, to answer your question…


I’m about 10% heavier/taller than you and a very skilled/aggressive skier. And I find the “standard” flex of my little Redsters just about right for recreational use (call it high-performance rec use, if you like). I’d consider a longer or stiffer ski for to-the-max racing at my level, but I find the turn radius, length, tip rocker, and flex of these skis nearly ideal and probably more versatile than a stiffer ski that is harder to work and flex.

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I have the same ski I think, same bindings - I didnt think they have piste rocker.... I agree, I like them a lot.... a little less now since I love the Fischers, on course tongue.gif

The 37/27 I have seems to be the stiffer one and it defintpetly is stiffer. The stiffest Fischer feels more like a D2 in comparison and the biggest difference is for me in the first few gates when the speed is low.

I think I have to agree, the Atomics are probably the more versatile since they are stiffer.

As it happens, I broke a deflector and I will probably switch back to the Atomics until I get a new one....
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Originally Posted by SkiRDude View Post

Hi, folks - I'm about to make one of those $300-$1,000 ski buying experiments and could use your advice.

* What is the best slalom race ski (and binding) for me, given my ability, weight and strength?
* Just as important , does anyone know where I can find a low cost pair of their recommended model(s)? (Maybe last year's model, demo'd, lightly used, etc.)

Ability: Previous high school and college racer. Current NASTAR handicap 13 (Platinum). I'm joining a race training program today and I'd like to step up to USSA masters racing. Therefore, my target racing venue would be mostly homologated FIS-like race courses.
Stats: I'm 60 year old male, 5' 9" (175 cm), 155-160 lbs. (71-72 kg)
Strength: When I workout, I leg press 300 lb. 20 reps x 3 sets. If need be, I could press 450 lb. or even 650 lb. a few times, but my back gets crushed. Nevertheless, I'd say I'm a finesse skier rather than a power skier.

Right now, I'm currently leaning towards FIS-race stock skis, but dialed down a notch or two, given my non-FIS racing skills. I currently ski on 11/12 Atomic Double Deck GS Non-FIS (174 cm) race skis with Neox TL 12 Bindings and use 12/13 Fischer Vacuum Fit 110's.

Those skis have never let me down in a race, but during freesking or race training I think they are almost too much ski for me. They require a 100% effort out of me and I have great difficulty exploiting their stated 17.8 m turn radius. I can get my hip about knee's height above the snow on most occasions, but rarely can I lay them over and get my hip on the ground a la Ted Ligety and his fellow FIS friends.

That's why I'm leaning toward the women's 155 cm FIS gear. I can get a tighter turning radius using a more upright stance and go straighter at the gates. Speed, stability and recoveries are nice, but my main concern is I have to be able to flex and work the skis, especially in slalom. Non-FIS skis are an option, too. Naturally, I'm tempted to "man up" and go with the men's 165 cm FIS equipment, thus the dilemma.

What do you guys think? Thanks!
I have Völkl WC SLs sale if you're interested. Let me know.
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