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Down Shirt/Jacket that doesn/t leak feathers??

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I got a First Ascent Microtherm Down Jacket as a Christmas gift this year.  I have had really good luck with many previous First Ascent garments.  The fit, fabric, etc. of the Microtherm Down Jacket were perfect, so I expected no issues.  I tried it out skiing for the first time today ... wore it as a mid-layer under a shell.  Really great fit, nice light mid-layer.  HOWEVER, when I took it off at the end of the day, my baselayer (black, of course) was COVERED with down feathers/debris.  I looked like I was in the path of duck shot through a jet engine!  So that leads me to 2 questions:


 - Has anyone else had problems with excessive down leakage from the FA Microtherm Down Jacket?


 - Is there another down shirt/jacket that is safe to wear with black baselayers??


Love the concept, but don't want to be wearing feathers every time I ski!



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All down garments lose a feather here and there but not like what you describe.  I have a Patagonia down shirt, down vest, and down sweater that have negligible loss of feathers when worn over dark colors. 

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How much feather you lose is quite close to the quality of the brand (and fabric/down they use). Not specific to skiing, but I had an point zero down jacket years ago and even after three years I still look like a duck after wearing it. People who work in their warehouse told me a lot of their time is spent on plucking the feather from jackets before sending it to retail...

On the other hand a jacket I got from Costco, my parents' canada goose/north face only leak a couple of strands every month or so.
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My Patagonia down shirt doesn't leak any feathers. It's a great piece, usually used as a mid layer.


I also have a forty year old Jones down parka that only very occasionally loses a feather.  Looks bad but still very warm.

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Just got a Helly Hansen down jacket/sweater for a mid layer under a shell. So far it lost two feathers.

I have worn it over a black fleece and had no feather residue.

Love the light weight and insulation at -10F.

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Saw a product that looks like a solution to this down leakage problem. Looks like they are custom fitting a down proof material into your existing jacket to stop the "duck through a jet engine on your back" look smile.gif
Downblocker.com is the website.
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Where I live it's very cold, so I own a lot of down jackets and sleeping bags etc.


NF, Eddie Bauer FA, Patagonia, Go Lite, Feathered Friends, Cascade Designs, Rab etc.


As someone else said, most loose the occasional feather, but nothing like you're described.


The ones that don't loose any feathers use a more heavy duty waterproof fabric on the exterior rather than the typical ripstop nylon.


Wool is also better than polyester as it doesn't get a massive static build up.  So when you do get white crap on your back base layer, it's a not such a hassle to remove.

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