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Looking to Upgrade Skis

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I have been skiing on Salomon Enduro LX 800 skis (168).  They are ok, but not quite as stable as I would like.  I am 39 years old, 5'11", 230 lbs.  Solid intermediate skier with basically at least one trip a year since I was 5.  I can handle moguls, but don't love them.


I've started making trips to the mountains more often with my son and would like a better ski for myself that can handle more different conditions.  This last 3-day trip to Colorado, we skied groomers (greens & blues with the occassional groomed black thrown in) for the first 2 days.  Then the last day we had 10 inches of new powder of Beaver Creek and I was miserable.


I know that with a do everything ski, it doesn't do anything really well...but I would still like a do everything all mountain ski anyway.  I skied one afternoon on a friends Volkl Mantra (177), and it was a bit too much ski for me.  I would prefer somehting with a bit more side-cut / shorter radius to it than the Mantra.


I've read up a bit on the Head Rev 85 Pro, and it seems to be maybe a bit more of what I'd be looking for, but maybe still a bit too much front-side oriented.  As my 7-year old continues to improve, I'd like to start getting him off the front-side groomers.j


Looking for suggestions on what I should be looking for.


(and for those wonder, yes - I have boots.  Just upgraded to Tecnica Ten.2 120 hvl boots).


Thanks for your feedback.

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Hi, welcome. I can imagine why a guy your size might find the Enduro's a touch unstable. :eek Also a bit narrow for you on powder days. 


Something in the high 90's with some beef to it has your name on it. I'd suggest demoing the Blizzard Bonafide, Line Prophet 98, Atomic Alibi, and Nordica Hell n Back. Four different feels and handling, all are versatile, suspect you will like one over the rest, and they should grow with you as you ski more. 

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At 230, rev 85 pro should feel not enough skis... as the lx 800: I tried the enduro xt800 and tought they felt not enough stiff compared to the 850 who felt perfect for my 210 pounds...


Also skiing a 168 cm all mountain ski at 230 pounds??? No wonder you find them unstable! You should ski on the 177...

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thanks for the feedback.  Looked into my prior purchase a little more and realized I had a 1 year performance guarantee.  I am at 11 months, so I took the Salomon's back today.  After reading up on suggestions and talking to the salesman (that was a lot more knowledgeable) I traded them in on the Blizzard Bonafide.  Now I get another 1 year performance guarantee!  

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