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Goggle Grip

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Cool little product that looks to solve a nagging problem.  Here.  I just got my first pair and will try this weekend.

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What problem is this supposed to solve? helmets come with an integrated goggle clip or strap to secure them already.

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Keeps the goggle from sliding backwards on the helmet until it's dangling down your back, suspended from the securing device already on the helmet.
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Most goggle grips incorporated into a helmet are on the back.  The last couple brim helmets I've owned have a nagging problem of the goggles slipping off the back when goggles are up (just above the brim.)

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yeah and on POC's the goggle holding clip is completely useless. I just ordered a pair.  

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First World Problems? 

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Looks pretty functional


But could probably make one for less than a dollar.

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Originally Posted by SVmike View Post

First World Problems? 


not when your $150 goggles slip off your face when skiing or off your helmet on a lift.  I have had my Smiths slide down off my face skiing through trees more than once with my POC helmet. 

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Originally Posted by SVmike View Post

First World Problems? 


No but this site is not focused on world health issues.

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Guess I've never run into that problem myself. My Bern and RED helmets, brimmed and unbrimmed, the goggles just stayed where they were. With kids helmets OTOH... some of them its impossible to keep their goggles on the front of the helmet.

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I have had POC, Burn, Smith and Scott helmets, I have used them with Smith, Oakley and Scott goggles and have never had a problem. I keep my goggles on my face, the silicone bead on the strap keeps the goggles in place. I don't get fogging because I am messing with my goggles every run and my lenses stay in good shape. I'm not saying I'm any better, I just didn't know that this was an issue. Besides people get a sense of humor. It was a joke. 

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I will echo the sentiment of "I keep my goggles on my face."

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Heavy duty stick on Velcro will do the same thing. When I lost the clip off my helmet, I used that. Only use the stiff part, not the furry side. The little hooks grab the helmet strap just fine. It's more secure than the original clip.
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