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New bindings for old straight skis?

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Hey gang - hopefully this is an easy question.


The movers broke the bindings on my favorite K2s so I need a new set.  I measured and it looks like 65mm would be sufficient for the brake width. Will anything along those lines work?


Example:  http://www.rei.com/product/824135/marker-m70-eps-junior-downhill-ski-bindings-kids


Of course, those are juniors', but I can't find anything that narrow that aren't. Still, if I crank the DIN all the way up to 7 I should be okay I think. (I'm pretty aggressive, but only ~165lbs).


Thoughts / recommendations on bindings and/or sizes?

(I have used a lot of more modern skis renting when I wasn't able to bring my own, but I have never really enjoyed them. I always miss the feel of my K2s. They are beat to hell and just great and I'll ride 'em until they break. Then I have another pair in the closet, brand new. It did not occur to me that bindings could present an issue.)


Thanks in advance!




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Slightly wider brakes shouldn't be a problem. You can mount adult bindings with ~80mm brakes and be fine (you could bend in a little if you wanted). You'll likely have a more durable binding for a 160lb aggressive skier.

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Head/tyrolia power rail should come with brake that narrow, my 67mm ski has it and the new head i.supershape speed is also the same width.
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Most any race binding will do, Marker M10 for example. 

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Thanks guys, I've been looking around online and not finding any of those (easily) for sale...


What about these Tyrolia LX12?



I want to get something quality that will last me another decade...  with the DIN going to 12 I hope it should stand up to some aggressive skiing.


Additional thoughts?

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No experience with that particular binding, but if you have your eyes set on something, any store should be able to order one for you.
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I like Tyrolia Free-Flex racing bindings.

Also have no complaints about my Marker Comp 16s.

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@Ghost All would work but the OP is only 165 LBS


and these are NOT race skis, just narrrow


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If you wanna save some $$ go look around here...



In particular these might be a good choice...




I've bought many things from LevelNine and they have always been great to deal with!


Personally even though it's no longer manufactured I really like the Railflex II system. You install a plate on the ski, and the binding easily slides on/off. So you can install plates on multiple sets of skis and use one set of bindings, swapping brakes if necessary depending on ski width.


I just snagged a pair of Fischer FX 12 demo (adjustable) bindings off eBay for use down the road - they work with Railflex II plates. The same seller has a pair of Fischer FX 11 demo bindings for sale...




They come with a set of plates, but you can buy additional plates for $10 a set...




LevelNine can also order brakes up to 115mm wide for those and other Railflex bindings.


Good luck with your search!  ;-)

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Thanks again, guys!


You think the Tyrolia LD12 or Mojo 11? 


Level 9 has them both for $99 and they seem to be pretty similar... FWIW the Mojo have the loud color scheme that goes with my personality on the slopes, lol...

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The LD12 is a much better binding. The heels are very different, the LD12 has a three piece heel, the Mojo11 has a two piece, get the LD12.

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Definitely appreciate the inputs on the bindings. Squeezed the trigger on the LD12. Got a trip planned for Valentine's Day. Hopefully it'll be awesome!
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