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Yep we are in the third straight droughty winter here in the Southwest.   Skier sadness all about.  Many have already sacrificed rock skis onto bonfires.


Just looking at TV weather persons whine about the blocking high pressure system in The West, duh, is not looking at the big picture of our West Coast weather.  Global patterns affect our weather not just the West Coast High.  That high is has been ugly for more global reasons.   So enlighten yourselves on this excellent basics site on Northern Hemisphere weather.



Semi-Permanent Highs and Lows


Link below shows how these features are very unusual this year making one wonder if the global climate is changing:




Polar jetstream is way north.  Usually when north that means the Northwest gets more storms but this year its even more north for them too.


North Atlantic Oscillation


Note we are in a strong negative phase.


Pacific/North American Pattern


We are in a strong positive PNA pattern.


And El Nino - El Nina ?  Sort of neutral this year after being a bit El Nina the last.