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I'm looking for a pair of new Diamir 3 Freerides, the ones with the 12 DIN setting. Anyone out there know who has the best deal on them? Thanks
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"new Diamir 3 Freerides" sorry I thought that was the new Diamir 3 or the Freerides. As always try T-P. Very good deal if you get two pairs or get a pair of skis. Yopu can a pair of Pocket Rockets for way less than the last Ebay auction I saw.
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It depends on what ski you are planning on putting them on. Pretty much, tp and black diamond have the same prices on them. So what it comes down to is if you need the wider brakes. If you do, tp will hit you up for another $40, as my local shop was going to do. But I wrote an email to bd pissed off about having to pay an extra $40 to use the binders and they emailed me back telling me that they would swap the wide brakes for free. So that made it cheaper to order from BD, if you go that route, either call and tell them you want the wide brakes, or if you order online, there is a comments box at the end of the order form where you can ask them to swap them for you. I heard about somewhere else, but i cant remember where that will swap the brakes for free. Anyway, i bought two pair and LOVE them. Have fun.
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Thanks guys for the info. I checked out BD's website but they didn't exactly have a great price. $250! I'll keep checkin and thanks again.
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yup, $250 is pretty much going rate. let us know if you find a better price, i could use another pair.
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If you're planning to buy a few other things as well, it may be cheaper to import the bindings direct from Europe. Have a look at the prices at telemark-pyrenees. The freight charges are a bit high, but if you're buying a couple of items, the savings can be worth-while.
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I just found the Freerides at Western Mountaineering in Berkeley, CA for $224!!! 510-849-0735
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This is a bit late but I was able to get BD to provide free mounting when I purchased two sets of Freerides for 2 pairs of Pocket Rockets. If this is still an option talk to Dennis at the BD retail store in SLC.

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If you are still looking you might contact jettisoned@attbi.com for pairs at $185 shipped....
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If your putting them on a fat ski, here is the best deal that I have found:

http://www.backcountrystore.com/store/BLD0247?mv_session_id=gZtf7BjC&mv_pc=162&cat_id=1& subcat_id=3
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pls help me choose .....
Only hiking for turns on a set of Pocket Rockets - can't decide Fritschi Diamir Titanal III or Diamir Freeride Binding?

Edit I'm 74kg if that makes any difference.


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What DIN are you at normally? I have Diamir IIIs - I'd say if you need it set at 9 or higher - I'd go with the Freerides instead.

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Originally posted by altagirl:
What DIN are you at normally? I have Diamir IIIs - I'd say if you need it set at 9 or higher - I'd go with the Freerides instead.
DIN is normally set at around 7 to 8.5, I doubt my weight or skill level (lack of) will push me above 9. The freerides seem to be aimed at heavier skiers and for tricks (the only trick I've ever landed in ski boots was a 180 between two bar stools during Apres Ski) so I'm swayed towards the lighter III's.
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