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Telluride Ski Lessons

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Hi All, My fiancé and I are off to Telluride from the UK for 19 days in Feb / Mar. We're both intermediate, with me being the more aggressive and favouring off piste.


We are both hoping to improve our skiing in the time we have and were hoping to do a 'ski camp' of some sort, but it looks as though they aren't available for our stay. Could anyone give us some advice on how we will get best bang for buck. The private lessons are expensive at around 650 USD per day for the instructor and the 3 day group lessons approx 320 USD pp (will have lift pass). If it were a multi-day camp then I would have been happy spending a bit more for the instruction.


Well I hope you can be of help. I'm sure the instructors out there would be able to give us a steer? We will be Skiing from 24th Feb onwards, is there a possibility the group lessons will be small due to no holiday??


Thanks in advance for all your help....


Kind Regards



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Are you getting a season pass? Passholders get 20% off group lessons. Other than that the 3 day program works out to like a camp. If you're up for a drive, on the other side of Red Mountain pass (an adventure in itself) is Durango Mountain Resort. Their adult lesson rate is only $90/day as opposed to $150 at T.

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Book a lesson with Denis Huis (rhymes with ice), if you can get him.  He's a ski school trainer and bootfitter as well.  He can figure out your skill deficiencies and equipment problems as well as anyone I know.



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