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Successor to the Rossignol B3

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Greetings, new to the forum. I'm getting back into skiing after a few "light" winters. After this season i'm going to look for some new skis since I've had my current pair for quite some time. I'm currently on a pair of 168cm Rossignol B3s from 06/07 I believe. I love these skis, they'll eat up whatever I point them at and cope with my ADD style of skiing very well. I've had my head out of the new gear world long enough that i have no idea what to look for as the spiritual successor to this ski. 


I'm 26 years old, 5'7", and just over 200lbs. I've been skiing for 23 years, so i'm a fairly competent skier. I live in New England, so snow conditions vary. I'm looking for something that can mimic the B3's ability to jump from super fast carving on groomers to trees, to chop, to light bumps, to the occasional powder day. I've used the B3's everwhere from Targhee powder to new england crud and ice, to Tuckerman's spring snow, and they've never missed a beat. 


I've been eyeing the new Experience 98/88 as well as the Soul 7, but was looking for opinions. I'm going to do my best to find a few demo days this year to try skis, but I'm honestly in the dark on what to try. I've been on Rossignols for over 10 years, the only exception being some Atomics I used in high school for racing. 

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Well, the successor to (or the evolution of) the B3 was the B84 through 2008 or so.




Then they took it to the Bandit SC80 (or SC86) in 2010 or so.





Or you could change it up for a more charging ski like the S86.


But you're right in that the current spiritual successor, being Rossi's 50:50 all mountain lineup, is the Experience series (83 or 88).  Mind you the Experience line is different in concept, shape and construction.  A demo may be in order to get a sense of how they compare.


Enjoy your season.

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If you liked the B3's, which I owned and also liked a lot, you'll prolly like the E88's. Which I don't own. They get consistently high marks for versatility, both for terrain and for who will enjoy them. The 83's will be too vanilla for you, and the 98's won't have the agile quality of the B3's. 


There aren't too many other skis out there that combine that light and smooth feel that the B2's and B3's had. Not sure I agree about their performance at speed on hardpack, but yep, for everything else, pretty grand for their day. If you find the E88's wanting, you might try the Dynastar Outland 87's, similar design and factory connection, somewhat different take. Or try a pair of Kastle LX92's, which IMO are the closest thing to the B3's not made by Rossignol, and perhaps a better evolution than the E88's. 

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thanks for the replies so far. I need to find a demo day near me that has a few of those to try. I'm still eyeing the Soul 7s as well, they intrigue me, and I think there is a mountain local to me that has a few pairs to rent. 

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Soul 7 is your ticket. Had a good friend do exactly the same upgrade. He's diggin'em at Mt. Baker and Whistler.
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^^^^ Hmmm. But OP's post states New England is more his base. I would never ever recommend Soul 7's as a one ski quiver for New England. Period. 

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Oops. True. I also wouldn't have imagined the old B3 would be worth a dit in New England either. smile.gif

Back to the E 88 then.
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Originally Posted by markojp View Post

I also wouldn't have imagined the old B3 would be worth a dit in New England either. smile.gif

Weren't. Owned them when skiing was defined as trips out west. Once I sighed and realized either I'd have to embrace our mountains or get a second job as a flight attendant, I sold them. :newkeyboard: 

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whether or not they should be good in new england I love the B3s here. 


Found out wildcat near me has both the E88's and Soul 7's as rentals. Going to head up there soon and try my hand at both to see what I think. Now I just need to find a demo day with some of the other suggestions in this thread. 

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