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Upcoming Olympic coverage

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Am I the only one that's not looking forward to the hours of back-story and drama and few minutes of event actual coverage that's  wedged in-between commercials on network TV? I know, NASCAR dads don't understand ski racing and the coverage plays to that demographic.


Any online english speaking event feeds that have decent resolution these days?

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I'm interested to see how they show the events online on NBC sports.  They supposedly are playing hundreds of hours of footage online.  We really want to see the events (even if they're time delayed), but also don't want to see all the hype backstory stuff as much.


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As long as you have some sort of cable, you can watch everything live online. If you don't have cable you can still see some and aren't locked into the awful prime time coverage.


I love the 12 hour time difference between Seattle and Sochi; watching skiing at 10 or 11 pm is fine for me.

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