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I'm a advanced beginner that is 6' and 205-210 lbs, skiing in the East.


Walked into a local ski shop to look at some boots. Talked to a gentleman for about 5 minutes or so prior to trying any on. I wanted to make sure they actually fitted boots and were not a basic retailer. I asked him twice and he confirmed both times that he was a bootfitter and had 30+ years experience doing it.


I read the "ask the boot guys" several times and felt I had at least a basic understanding of what to expect. I tried on 5 pairs of boots and ended up buying a pair or 4 buckle Nordica boots (didn't like the 3 buckle). I found 2 different pairs of Nordica that seemed to fit my foot right off the shelf.


All the other boots had something that didn't feel right, either the heel (lange) or the top of arch (dalberra). So, I'm really happy with the fit of these boots. The flex rating of the boots I purchased is 80.  Did I make a mistake????


After re-reading "ask the boot guys" forum again, the basic guidance seems to by buy a boot with a higher flex rating because it can be reduced easier than going the other way. The other pair of Nordica's that felt good and had the same shell have a flex rating of 110.


The fitter said the rating was more important with traditional skis rather than with beginner/intermediate shaped skis. Not sure if that's true or not, but his explanation sounded reasonable.  He said the lower flex rating would ultimately be a little more forgiving and not so precise.


The boots are new enough, I could probably exchange them for the 110's.  I would rather not, but if I truly goofed up, then I'd like to fix it.


Thanks for the help.

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I traded in those 80's for 110's.


Had a few people pm me because they couldn't post on here for some reason.


Should be good to go now.

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