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Last size range

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I've noticed a few boots that have a range listed for the last size (i.e. 98 to 102mm).  Does that mean they are available in different last sizes or is the size of the last adjustable?

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such as? some boots will get wider as they get longer e.g. the boot may be 95mm up to a 25 shell and 98mm for 26 and above.
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you are seeing that in boots like fischer where the shell shape can be changed in the vacuum process. 



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I was looking at a prior year Technica Phoenix 12 and on the spec sheet is says Last: 98 to 102mm.  I've seen it listed that way on a few other boots from other manufacturers as well and I was just curious.

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Lange makes a XT boot in a 98 last, RX boot in 101 last and SX boot in 103 basically. I just bought a pair of RX's, great boot.

They help me finish the turn better. Same basic boot but the XT has a 130 flex, IMO to much for most people.
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^^^^ :dunno Not that it's a crushing diff, but my Lange guy told me all the "LV" lasts in the RX/XT are the same as the normal RS: 97, while the "normal" RX/XT last is a 100. This is what the Lange website says too. The new wider front end makes them feel more like 98's or 99's IMO


Since the last number is based on a 26.5 last, and becomes 1-2 mm wider with each Mondo jump, the 98 and 101 you quote would be roughly correct for the 27.5, I think. 


Was also told that the upper bolt of the two on the RX/XT spine is designed to be removed, which makes the 130 flex about 120, according to this guy. Lange's site seems to confirm this. 


As far as last range, yeah, SJ has it, I think. Fischer and Salomon maybe list a range. 

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