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Good day on the tele boards

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Today was a good day with lots of smiles on my face.

For the last two years I had numerous fit problems with my new Crispi boots that I just didn't take the time to address. As a result, telemark skiing was kinda put on hold. I was way too far forward and the liners were way too tight. This year I bothered to take the time to make new footbeds and get to boots to fit right. I also checked the alignment of the gear. I was reasonably confident that I had my gear close to where I wanted it when I took it with me to the slopes this morning.

My setup is Crispi CXR, 184 cm Atomic 10EX and Linken bindings with riser plates. Did I bother to tune the skis? ahhhh well no, I just took them out of the basement. I put them on this morning and they seemed to slide all right. I didn't feel too far forward but I am use to being able to leverage the fronts of the skis.

I decided to start with checking my alignment on snow. I stopped on a gentle slope and checked tracking on both edges of both skis by skiing traverses each direction on one ski. Everything checked ok so I proceeded onto some balance exercises to get over the sweet spot of the skis. In order to get both skis carving equally in both directions, I started with some traverses in the tele position. Next, I did some one footed carving then, onto carved parallel turns in each direction. I followed this up with pivot slips in the telemark position. The final drill was carved telemark turns. After about two hours of drills I had things pretty well dialed in. Gee it felt sweet to be back on telemark.

Then it was time to really try out the skis. Ok, into the bumps, my favorite place. The bumps were crudy with snow gun snow and patches of ice. Wow man, far out. Effortless turns man, right on the money, cool. Oooooh, I knew what I was gonna ski.

Onto better terrain, our little steep hill for some fresh tracks. Why were they fresh? Cuz no-one else was daring to go into that mess. It was delightfully terrible. I was just in seventh heaven. Snow guns on full, bumps, Ice, frozen snow gun stuff, wet snow gun stuff, slop, chuncks and death cookies. The only thing missing was the rocks, stumps, logs, brush and trees for a perfect run. I could not convince anyone else that the conditions were perfect so I had fresh tracks all day.

Balance on the skis was right on the money. My quads and knees don't hurt, only my abbs. On second thought, what abbs, I haven't got any. Wow, what a day. Boot fit appears perfect. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

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Good for you Pierre!!!
For me it's still almost three weeks before I get to ski...
I envy everyone who's already skiing, can't wait to get on my boards!!
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