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First Post! Some questions on gear [midwest intermediate]

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My first post here! I am a newly intermediate skier from the midwest with ambitions of getting more advanced. 6'1, 170lbs.

Have been using rentals in the past but starting to get my own gear. I now have the following:

Dalbello Scorpion SR 110 (2013) - needed a 98mm last boot for my narrow feet, wanted the kryptons but these were available for a good price. Fits me well, snug but no painful hot spots.

Fischer Motive 86 175cm (2013) - Found a good deal online. Don't have the chance to demo so I am basing my decision on what I have read online. Wanted an 85-ish ski that did well on groomers to help me improve my carving but was a bit all mountain as well in case I travel to Colorado or Oregon. I hope this isn't too much ski for me. Would the Atomic Panic have been a bettter choice?

Atomic FFG 12 bindings - The only ski shop close by only carries Atomic and Salomon. They do not have the jigs for the other brands so I would have to go with this when I go to have bindings installed. Any thoughts on detuning the skis?

I hope I am on the right track and would appreciate any feedback.


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Welcome to the site,

First off what do you have for boots? Those are the most important part. Without good fitting boots its useless to think about buying skis.

Get great fitting boots first. Once you have the boots, you can contact one of the members here that work at a shop. They might be able to use a pair of your brand of boots and set up the new bindings on the skis you buy from them.

You should not de-tune a shaped ski.

I have had that done.
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Think OP said he has the Dalbello Scorpions. Good boot, nice progressive flex, you'll like these.


More generally, davetinio, like your choices. The Motives are highly praised, yeah, probably will be a bit of a hot rod for you as an intermediate, but nothing unmanageable, and they will grow with you as you get better. I see them a lot back east here. IMO better choice than the Panics.


No, you don't need to detune anything. When you get the skis prepped and waxed, make sure the edges are set at 1 degree base, 2 degrees side. That'll give you a nice moderate reaction. As you improve, and especially for the midwest, you might want to go to 1/3. (Which is another way of saying that you should get you skis retuned on a regular basis.) 


Good luck! 

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Thanks for the feedback! I am glad to know that I am on the right track, more or leas, as far as gear goes.

I just got my skis delivered and they are nice! :-) Quite a bit longer than what I have been renting (the 175's go up to the birdge of my nose when I am om bare feet vs. below my chin for rentals when on ski boots). I will make sure to ask that the shop set the edge tuning to 1/2 and not detune when i bring them in for bindings and prepping.

Thanks again for the responses. Can't wait to hit the slopes!
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...and pardon the spelling errors... ;-)
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We have spelling error Pro's here; you're an amateur. ;) Length of your skis sounds perfect. Have fun!

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If the shop will make them sharp tip to tail, be careful on the first few turns if your not used to a ski that turns that quickly.

I useally walk new skis into the sharp tip and tail, over a few days of tuning them myself.

When the boots fit correctly and the skis are tuned great, you should be able to think turn and the skis begin to with the slightest input.

In a large fast turn I can press my big toe on the down hill ski and feel the arc tighten up, or release pressure on the big toe and open the arc.

Its a great feeling when it all comes together.

While your in the arc, think about where all your body parts are, what the hands are doing, toes, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders. They all have an effect.
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