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Figured I'd ask..

My kid's typically look after there own gear - until there is an issue.. Our middle son (size 10.5 street shoe, narrow, long flat feet - uses orthotics) is walking off the hill with freezing feet. He is in a 2 year old pair of DC's - I believe but would need to check,  a size 9.5 and have been told that the boots were heated up and used a toe cap to create some toe space. My first reaction is that these boots were bought in haste and are the wrong size.

Is snowboard boot fitting similar to getting setup in a ski boot? (foot shape dictates boot choice, shell fit, firm handshake fit, etc)

How do you control heel hold?

what about pressure points etc.. as the boot shell isn't 'hard' plastic


Looking to educate myself before getting him to a boot fitter.


Thanks as always