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Reposting from the ski gear forum, sorry...


So I've been on my Vac Ranger Pro 13s all season. The fit around the foot is amazing, but I've had this nagging sensation that my fore-aft balance is not quite as good as it was on previous boots, Lange RS sc110. I tried softening the flex and adding a small heel lift (both helped), but nothing totally worked... I've been feeling like I've been in the back seat and my quads are getting a touch of burn.


This weekend the snow on Mt. Hood was basically ice so I had my Head Magnums out, and no matter what I did I couldn't find the front of the ski. So today I decided to bring both the Langes and the Fischers up. After a few runs in the Fischers, I switched to the Langes. Aside from the cramps in my forefeet, my skiing felt "right" immediately. I was in-balance, stacked, and able to engage the ski tip.


So I got home and decided to do some measurements. Ramp angle on the boot boards is identical. But when I measured forward lean, I got a surprise. The Lange had 14 degrees (measured with my iPhone app inside and outside the boot). The Fischers had 9 to 10 degrees. We set the machine to 14 when we molded them, but apparently it came out differently.


I'm assuming this is the reason I'm feeling in the backseat all the time (although I thought it was usually too much forward lean that put you in the backseat?).


I'd like to increase the forward lean  closer to 14, but molding these was really difficult (lots of padding and toe caps, quite painful). So is there any way to adjust the forward lean without remolding the foot? Could we locally apply heat to the spine/calf and push it forward a bit? Should I just throw the spoiler in and see what happens? How much forward lean does a spoiler add anyway?


Thanks for any help.