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BOOM! Monashee Powder Snowcats has the snow

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All the planets aligned and it set us up for the the perfect storm on our arrival to Monashee Powder snowcats on the afternoon of January 2nd. With close to 2' of light blower pow dropping on the Monashees over the past 36 hours our days were looking like they would be filled with plenty of face shots for this fun crew of old team mates from our days on the US Freestyle Ski Team. The crew consisted of Trace "The Ace" Worthington, Fuzz Fedderson, John Witt, Lynne "Banana Pants" Weiland, myself and the normal posse of Freeride Chronicles skiing friends Tommy Frey and Desiree Leipham and videographer Justin Miller. Our guide Chris Bouchard had a freestyle past so he blended right in with this crew.


Upon our arrival we pulled into the staging area and meet Dave Treadway who was loading his sled up back on his truck. He'd already been there for the past 5 days on a photo shoot. He asked if we could squeeze one more person into our shoot because we were about to hit it right on the money. When you have a guy of Dave's stature and professionalism asking to ride with you, you make room! 


Big Mountain Skier and winner of this years POWDER Award for best POV Footage, Dave Treadway

Day one was filled with a 20cm's of fresh overnight. With snow continuing to fall throughout the day we stuck to the trees and played with the many rock features throughout the zone. Perfect first day of riding some deep pow for most of us.


Trace "The Ace" boosting one.


Banana Pant's proving she still has a little game left!



Day 2 was a mixed bag of sun, clouds and cold temps. With good stability we were able to venture into other areas and stat opening it up a little. This is where we got to see Dave shine, WOW, this guy can rip, Between Dave going big and and all the old free dogs jumping off some smaller features into the soft it was a day filled with hooting and hollering and lot's of laughter. Later int he afternoon we ventured into the Burn area and captured some cool footage and watched some awesome drops on everyones part. Banger day for sure


Dave Treadway laying it down


Fuzz Fedderson getting a little Old School


Day 3 we awoke to an incredible sunrise. Not a cloud in the sky, BLUEBIRD and cold! Cold Smoke at it's finest was on store. Plenty of epic photos and video and some fun terrain to be had.


John Witt taking it all in


Tommy Frey getting a little DEEP.



The perfect storm was right, What a trip! If you haven't experienced cat skiing Monashee Powder Snowcats is a first rate operation. Owners Tom and Carolyn Morgan and their staff treat you like family. Look them up and knock one off your bucket list, you won't regret it.

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Well that looks like fun.  Epic conditions and great skiers = fun!

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Wow, that looks fun!

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Think I might just throw my skis on top of the Subie, and head to B.C. this weekend...
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Yup, you guys hit it perfectly. Nice shots!! We were too far south to get the snow when we were at Snowwater the week before; hit and miss. Hopefully the storms are heading our way this week.


Tell Fuzz and John hi for me. It was great to see Lynne the other day! Jealous of your conditions and crew!

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