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music for videos

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i am a new owner of a gopro and i am editing videos of my weekly ski trips to keep my familly updated and was wondering what do you do for music and more specifically regarding to copyrigth.



I am posting videos for my familly as non-listed on youtube but i have been warned by youtube's automatic system that one video is infringing on copyrigth and has been removed (but strangely only on the ipad, it still works on computers!).  i understand the need to protect copyrigths though i think it should be allowed to use excerpts for a familly video.



Anyways the question is. What source do you guys use for free-to-use-non-comercially music?

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i found these... i am yet to find inspiring ski video music but there must be some in there....


and the explanation of licences with regards to videos:!/2010/01/how-to-use-creative-commons-music-on.html

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here is the conclusion of my search for legal music for my ski videos.



The best source i found is:



I usually search by "most interesting" as i don't want to go though thousands of music files.

Don't forget to click "allow use for a video or remix" when searching.

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Try vimeo music store as well -

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