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We're on a family 3 week trip with a week in each canyon (park city, big, and now little cottonwood) and even kids are complaining about lack of snow.

I was shocked at how much better coverage little cottonwood had compared to big cottonwood (which I thought would have been similar) let alone park city which was a disaster, especially the canyons. We had a few nice powder days right before Christmas. It's pretty icy and crunchy now at Alta but still some soft stashes. Torchlight parade at Snowbird was awfully quick and underwhelming. vail resorts management of canyons looked like it was struggling to get going with what appeared to be 100% new seasonal employees on J1 visas. I don't know how common that is but it appears everyone at Alta seems to be both experienced and helpful. Full disclose, I'm way biased towards Alta.

I think I'm going to stick to last minute trips with strong forecasts for the time being. It's a shame though because I Love skiing over Christmas.

This is a tough sport to enjoy while living on the east coast and traveling with a family. I greatly appreciate the help from this forum.

We're still hoping to get to Snowbasin before Friday.

The Gold miners Daughter at alta was awesome. Food, beer, people, all great.