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AT boots for wide feet?

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Can anyone recommend an AT boot for someone with wide(EE) feet? I have found that some Salomon alpine boots fit me well but I have yet to find an AT boot to fit. Thanks.
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Most AT boots are lasted pretty wide. Check out the Lowa Structura, or better yet, the old Lowa Super Peak. Plan on ditching the stock liner, and getting a thermo fit one (perferably one with a tounge, not a wrap). The Garmont G Fit is a good one, and is an option in all thier AT boots (the stores have the option of what liner to buy). Any AT boot is easily blown out, that with a Thermo liner should do the trick ( and maybe a little liner slicing). Good luck - spin
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Scarpa Laser is very wide; Lowa so-so and Garmont G-fit is as narrow as they come.
u sound like a Scarpa candidate
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I wore Salomon Alpine boots for years, and never had any problems. I switched to Tecnica Icon Carbons when they first came out, and 'tho they gave great control, they were never as comfortable as the Salomons. So I'd say I have 'Salomon feet'. My A/T boots are Scarpa Denali, and I'm now on my 2nd set (blue Denali XT's). They fit like a glove, even without the thermo liner. I can keep them on all day and leave them on in the evening without worrying about comfort, so I think a Salomon foot is probably a Scarpa foot as well.
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