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2012 Head Peak 90 or 2013 Nordica Steadfast

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Hi guys - long time visitor, first time poster!


I am flip-flopping between both of these skis as both can be had for cheap cheap right now (Heads: $399USD w/ Head LX 12 Bindings & Nord's: $350USD Flat no bindings).


My hesitation is the early rise on the Steadfasts. Not sure if I want to go there or not. Part of me likes the sound of the "full camber" FLR tips on the Heads better.


Here's the reason for my indecision...


I, like many at my stage of life are coming "out of retirement" after 2 kids who are old enough now to let Dad go, or also slide around on their own. So all this "early rise" chat kind of freaks me out as it's all greek to me.


About Me:

Western Canadian Kid - Born & raised on skis. Raced (a lot) growing up. I'm 35 now so I was of the Atle Skaaral / KA Amodt / Tommy Moe / AJ Kitt Era - right at the start of the "two foot turn" era. No "Jean Claude Killy stuff" here! Finished off from 15-17yrs old racing FIS all over the West & Western US getting on snow 120+ times/yr in my high school years. When I get out now I'm still happy with my skiing level (fitness however is another topic!).


Current sticks are Rossi Zenith 9 Ti Oversize - 176cm. I got these a number of years ago from a buddy I used to race with who was doing demo day / rep work. I didn't buy them, couldn't tell you about them. They looked giant when I got them but now they are a little thin under foot. I have no idea but got to guess they were called all mountain but are more all carve.????


So I want a strong skiing all mountain ski for the resorts West of Calgary Alberta (Louise, Sunshine, Revy, Golden etc). Based on the family factor I'm mostly front side 60 on piste / 40 off. And if I am lucky enough to get out with the other dads I need a ski that will allow me to ski on "whatever we get & not get upset" as the Dad days will be few & far between so we'll ski whatever conditions are there when we get to the hill. No more poaching perfect conditions only.


So? the 90's or Steadfast? (my gut tells me Steadfast but those tips scare me. But the 90's are so cheap!)



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These are pretty different skis. Speaking as a former Head guy who owned the im88's and a bunch of others, my hunch is that you'd prefer the Steadfasts. Higher performance envelope than the Peaks, lighter with more pop, definitely more fun off piste, but fine on. Plenty of reviews around here, suggest a search. Don't worry about the early rise. It's modest, won't be noticeable until you're in soft snow, when you'll discover you really like it. 

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What he said, plus I own a pair of Steadfasts and they are just great skis.  Strap them on, find yourself an uncrowded groomer and let 'em rip.  You'll really enjoy the GS feel.  Then head for the trees and discover how quick they can be.  They don't like it if you aren't centered, but you should be able to do that and they'll reward you with a great ride.

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Awesom. Thank you to both of you. Picked up the Steadfasts and off to get them mounted in time for a quick adventure on Monday!
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