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Skis keep coming off when landing switch. Please help me

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          So the other day my skis started coming off every time i landed a 180. On the last "attempt" the brakes got bent terribly out of shape and were so bad on one ski that I had to finish the run on one ski. Upon inspection I found that i had actually broken the whole braking mechanism. This was only my second day on these skis which are Volkl bridges with Griffin bindings. They were sent to me to demo along with a pair of K2 Kung fujas. So I put on the K2s and the same thing happened!! So I grabbed a screw driver and cranked the DIN setting all the way up to 12, went back up and it happened again, this time actually snapping off one of the brakes completely. I should also mention that this happened while going VERY slow with only about four feet of air. Landing huge tricks with lots air is fine as long as I am forward. They only seem to come off when I land switch. Every ski tech Ive talked to is a complete idiot and offer no solution other than sawing off the brakes... My guess is that there must be something adjusted wrong on the binding. I am pretty much an idiot when it comes to making any kind of set up so please explain like you are talking to a child. Thanks!

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If you've tried two sets of skis with different bindings, it can't be the bindings. How are you landing the 180, is it actually a sucessful landing? I'm not sure how the brakes are being broken, do the skis release and then break? As for the DIN setting, that probably isn't something you should be messing with when trying out new tricks, if you're skis really do need to come off, they won't when set incorrectly and you can really hurt yourself. 

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I'm assuming the heel is releasing when landing switch. If max DIN didn't solve the problem it may be the forward pressure. What condition are the boot soles in?

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It's possible that the forward pressure of the heel is inadequate.  If your boot shifts backward a skoche upon impact, the toe will pop out with neither the toe piece nor heel piece releasing.


I actually had a similar problem once.  My boots' toe lugs' TOP surfaces were worn (after 12 years).  Upward pressure on the toe could move the boot back a little and then I'd have what felt like an UPWARD toe release.   Yet I knew that the Salomon driver toe does not release upwards.




How well you are able to ski is related to how hard you are willing to fall.

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The kind of releases you describe are usually not setting the forward pressure (distance between toe and heel) correctly.  That binding also has a height adjustment.  Cranking up the DIN is not a safe solution.  Turning the smaller lower screw at the rear of the binding will adjust the length & it should be set so that when your boot's installed the head of the screw is flush with the rear of the outer housing which ensures that the forward pressure on the boot is correct.


Note if the binding is not mounted to be correct for your boots, you need to have a professional re-mount and set the bindings for your boot BSL.

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With out getting into the pressure release issues that have already been discussed this sounds like a very common issue for people learning to land switch. Like most people when learning to land are you leaning into the hill (heavy toe landing)? This will cause just enough gapping in the heal piece to drop the break a few mm. Thus causing the breaks to engage into the snow. This will rip the break right off and send you right to your ass. Try landing more centered on the ski. This will feel like  you are landing in the back seat but in actuality is a centered landing.   

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Hey Mushrowave1,


I'm going to give you some feedback from the perspective of someone who used to break A LOT of brakes in the same fashion as you. When I was younger, I had a couple of back to back seasons where what you're describing was a chronic problem for me. Essentially, I'd land switch, the ski would pop off, and when the brakes went down, they'd either snap or get bent to heck. From my experience, there were usually two factors that contributed to it.


1. The brakes had been bent to fit the ski. In this scenario, the brakes had been bent to fit a wider ski, which meant that even when I was clicked in, the brakes stuck out to the side of the ski. They didn't drag, they more just poked out to the sides. The problem here was that when I'd land switch with my foot tipped a bit, the brakes would catch. The feeling from this was definitely more of the ski getting "ripped" off my foot, and the brake would either end up severely bent or snapped.


2. I would land with my weight way too far forward. Basically what would happen, is when I landed switch and found myself leaning forward (almost hunched over the tips of my skis), I would notice that my toe would pop out diagonally. This is a problem that I noticed with certain bindings more than others. Amongst the more "problematic" bindings, were the Griffons, Salmon's or Tyrolias. The best bindings for me in this case have been anything from the Look PX series, Rossignol Axial Series, or the Rossignol FKS. By no means am I blaming this on the bindings, and in fact it was probably appropriate for the binding to pop off, it's just that I personally preferred that they didn't. Again, Rossingols and Looks seemed to solve the problem for me. 


All in all, the advice in this thread regarding your boots + bindings is probably all spot on. That said, I've also been in your, ahem, "boots" before, and the two best solutions I found were the types of bindings I was using, and focusing on landing more squarely.


Hope this helps, and good luck out there this season!

Matt @ Skiessentials.com

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This used to happen to me when I first started doing 180's off of big kickers. I also bent the break so I had to ski on one ski down the hill. I took it in to the repair shop at the bottom of the hill and they were nothing but nice. They bent the brake back and they tightened the bindings. But more recently I was trying a frontflip and every time on the take off I would lose my skis on the jump and I would go flying and land on my feet. I would then have to hike up to the jump and grab my skis on the lip. I think it may be because we gained weight throughout the season. Good luck! :)

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