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Backcountry gear question

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Last year I took up backcountry skiing and am using Alpina Tracker skis 185 with leather BC boots.

I recently saw a pair of Alpina "cross terrain" backcountry skis which resemble today's downhill skis - sidecut 102 64 87 with waxless base.

It looks like these skis would be more fun downhill, but I'm wondering how much more work they are going uphill.

Does anyone have experience with this type of backcountry ski, and can report on the advantages/disadvantages?

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The latest Couloir issues sez they turn quite well, climb very well, but glide very poorly on the flats.
A better choice is probably one of the waxless skis in the Fischer S-Bound series:
Rebound = true nordic camber, fairly narrow profile, but big sidecut
Outtabounds = in-betweenish camber, same tip & tail dimensions but wider waist
Boundless = typical alpine mid-fat sidecut but very light
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