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WTB all mountain skis

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so I wanna buy a nice pair of skis with bindings for my wife - ASAP!


- somewhere between144-151 cm

- good condition

- not older that 2009

- nothing too crazy


reply to the post or send me a message with the pics to 267 234 twoone88


thank you much!!!

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Nice husband! A few Qs...

What level is she? Will she be on mostly groomed terrain? What type of conditions mostly? What's her skiing style?

If she's intermediate/advanced I may have a ski that could meet your specs.
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Thanks everyone,


Yesterday I bought a nice pair skis for her

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Great! What did you end up getting her. Just curious...
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Is that an adult toe/heel spec on the binding assuming she wears an adult spec boot?
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not sure, but she wears both adult (size 5.5) and youth (size 4.0)

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Likely those size boots are adult toe and heel specs. Some of the lower DIN junior bindings are child DIN specs. You may want to confirm the binding will match up with the boots ok.
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she have both adult and youth ski boots already so its not a big deal

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Cool! smile.gif
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