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K2 Bermuda???

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Just curious as to whether anyone out there recalls a K2 ski that was distributed in Europe during the late 70s.  I bought the pair in Switzerland in 1979, when I skied for the first time.  In sidecut/shape they looked exactly like the K2 MID 233/244 skis (short ski, blunt tip) of that era which were sold in the US, but the model I bought in Switzerland was called "Bermuda" (not to be confused with the other K2 model, Bermuda Shorts).  The "Bermuda" color scheme was similar to the MID 233/244 series, but a bit different in the way the orange, red, yellow, and green stripes were laid out.  Ring a bell to anyone?

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Have no Euro reference , but remember the Bermuda Shorts in the late 70's early 80's maybe.
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Here is a print add from '73 for the Bermuda Shorts from Vashon Island, WA.

Also a picture of the skis along with some other older K2's.

K2 three, K2 four competition, K2 Bermuda shorts, K2 four winter heat and K2 five competition




Also found a pic of these EARLY K2 shorts

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Add here are the blunt tip MID series from '79-'80

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Yeah, mine were definitely similar to the MID models, not the original Bermuda Shorts line.  I assume the Bermuda was simply the European branding of the 233/244/255 MID line.  Thanks for the replies!

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