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Rental Car in Vail

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For years I have been making 2 trips to Vail each winter.  For the last 5 years or so I have rented an SUV from Alamo (typically Ford Escape) and have never paid more than $400 for the week - with some discounts of course.  Now this season the same SUV is upwards of $1200 for a week.  What happened?

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probably a temporary technical problem with alamo's website; I just checked Expedia and that type of car out of Den is $300-500/wk, including from Alamo.

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Sorry I should have said that I was renting out of Eagle (EGE).  In the past rentals there were cheaper than in Denver but that trend seems to have changed.

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Probably limited vehicles/not enough advance time before reservation; could be more west coast skiers  (there's a non-stop from LA to EGE) bcz there's no snow there, or some random change in price/schedule structure - which will change an hour from now -but I suspect not. 

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I would imagine with Aspen's airport closing down, that every rental within a 100 miles is taken.

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I heard something yesterday about a plane crashing there; possible damage to/investigation at the airport causing closure?

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