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Need advice on twin tip skis

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I am in the market for a pair of twin tips. I've grown up on the east coast (nc to be exact) and have skied competitively in the USCSA from 2007-2011. Mainly slalom and GS. I am out of college now and would like to get on a lighter, more "freestyle" pair of skis.

I raced on a pair of Atomic SX-11's. Absolutely amazing pair of skis but I want something a little more versatile. These are definitely race skis and there isn't much you can do on them except fly down the mountain. I want something I can have a little more fun with. I don't really see myself in the terrain park. More on the slopes, maybe holding an edge from time to time. I'm 5'8", 160lbs. Would be skiing mainly in nc but will be taking an annual trip out west also.

Will also probably be buying a new pair of boots to accompany the skis. My technica Rivals are a little outdated.

Any recommendation on a pair of twin tips and boots? Price is not a factor but I also don't want to spend an arm and a leg on a pair if a cheaper pair is a better all around ski.
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If you're set on a twin tip, then The Line Prophet 98, the Atomic Alibi, and the Volkl Mantra are all solid, 98mm waist skis - maybe a bit wide for out east, though.  If you're not going to ski park and pipe, then take a look at skis other than true twin tips.  There are a ton of great skis out there.  My suggestion - go to skis.com and narrow your search down to what you're looking for, then watch there video reviews.


Good luck in your search!


T. - wasatchreport.com

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Dozens of great options in this class (sorry but the Mantra isn't one, it isn't a twintip), most of the skis will be between 84mm and 100mm underfoot. Pretty much every brand makes a good option, it's a matter of feel that differentiates them. Narrower will be quicker edge from edge to edge, a bit wider will handle variable snow a bit better and the trend with park skis has been to slightly wider skis. Rocker does a great job of making everything confusing, a wider ski with tip and tail rocker might feel quicker than a traditionally cambered narrower ski.


Some of my favs are:

Dynastar Distorter or the Slicer (Rossignol Slat 7 is the same ski)

Armada Alpha 1 or Al Dente

Faction Soma or Prodigy (seriously great skis)

Nordica OMW or SoulRider

Volkl Ledge (more park) or Bridge (all Mt)


Plenty of other great choices.

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Hey ECUski386,


So far the two responses you’ve gotten have been pretty on point. Of course, as Whiteroom pointed out, the Volkl Mantra isn’t a twin tip ski, but it does have the same free ride feel as one. I think on big question you’ll have to answer is whether or not you’ll be wanting to ride switch. I would assume that you do because you’re asking about twin tips, but given your racing background and the fact that you won’t be spending time in the terrain park, I think it’s a valid question to ask. If it’s really the looser, more playful feel that you’re looking for (rather than being able to ride switch), then you may have even more options available (like the Mantra, Kendo, Bonafide, Kabookie, etc.).


But let’s assume you want to be able ride switch. If that’s the case, here are a few skis that I’ve had fun on:


2013 Atomic Alibi: Like WasatchReport mentioned, these skis would be a solid choice for you. The reason is that they’re a twin tip ski that feature a metal laminate and Titanal backbone that make the ski pretty stiff. Coming from a racing background, this might be something that you’re looking for as you’ll have a pretty hard time overpowering these skis. That said, if you’re looking to really mix up your skiing style and get out of the realm of stiff skis, then you might want to pass on this one. Really the decision maker here should be whether or not you want a stiff twin tip ski, or something a bit softer that you can begin to slow down with. (We also have the 2014 model available).


2014 Volkl Bridge: Maybe you decide that you don’t want a ski with full metal laminate, but you’re not ready to jump on a pair of full wood core skis either. If that’s the case, then the Volkl Bridge would be a good choice. Rather than going with a full metal laminate, Volkl simply threw some carbon into this one to stiffen it up a bit. It’s 95mm underfoot, so a bit wider than what you’re used to, but far from being a powder ski. It’s right in that mid-fat range that has the versatility to really go anywhere. Couple that with a (mellow) full rocker design, and you’ve got yourself a super playful, fun ski.


2014 Blizzard Peacemaker: I feel like I need to throw this one in the mix simply because it’s my favorite twin tip of 2014. I’ve got a bit of a different background than you, having grown up skiing small North East terrain parks, but I think at this point we’re in similar places. I don’t find myself in the park nearly as much as I used to, so I use my twin tips to bomb around on groomed trails. I like to push my speed limit sometimes, grip some carves, hop into the trees, and of course find powder whenever I can. For me, the Peacemaker is the perfect option to do everything. It’s got an early rise/camber/early rise profile which uses Blizzard’s FlipCore to keep it stable. It doesn’t have metal or carbon, but it’s surprisingly stable at high speeds with its full wood core. The one thing to think about is that it is the widest of my suggestions for you. At 104mm, chances are it’s going to be wider than anything you’ve used as your daily ski. With that in mind, I don’t think you’ll have much trouble adapting to it as you’ve got a strong background and should be able to pick it up without much issue. The other thing to consider is simply where you’ll be using it. You might find that a ski this wide is a little much for you to use in NC, but would be perfect for your trips out West. For me, a ski this wide would be just fine for a mountain in NC, but again, we do have different backgrounds. (My everyday skis have been 90mm+ for the last 6 years or so).


So with all of that said, it’s probably also worth checking out some of the other suggestions in this thread. Like I said, the three recommendations I’ve given you are based off of my experience with these skis and background as a skier. Like Whiteroom said, “Pretty much every brand makes a good option, it's a matter of feel that differentiates them.” So do some research, demo what you can, and have fun on some new skis!


Hope this helps!

Matt @ Skiessentials.com

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If you really want a dedicated park and pipe ski, I highly recommend the Atomic Punk. But if you're looking for a more all mountain twin tip, I'd go with the Atomic Vantage Theory. The Punx is amazing in the park and has a 10/80/10 rocker. Gus Kenworthy rides the Punx to X Games gold. The Theory has a 15/70/15 I believe.
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For a all around ripper for the east coast look hard at the line 90.I have bonafide,FX84,Blizzard 8.1 and ski the 90s most of the time.I ski NY PA VT under all conditions you can expect and preform all around the best.IMO you don't need anything wider then 90 in the east.If you go out west and are lucky enuff to hit it right and get powder,they will Handel it.Buy the ski that work for you on the majority of conditions you ski not what you want to ski.
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I got my son a pair of Volkl Kinks as a pair of all mountain twins to use in the east.  We skied this weekend in NH and they were a great all around ski.  I took a run on them as we have the same bootsole and they were a nice ski and a good all round ski to use.  I think they are 88 underfoot so they are not super wide.  The skis have some camber to them and felt solid underfoot but were light and playful at the same time.  My son is about 5'8" and 170 lbs and he is on the 179 and handled them no problem.  I did buy them a little long as he is 14 and still growing.

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