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Hi all
Last year I demoed 2 pairs of skis and loved them both.  Season was running out of time and I wasn't going to have any more time to demo skis.  I chose the Atomics and while I do like them I was never able to get the Volkyls out of my mind so I bought them when they really dropped in price. I don't necessarily want to get rid of the atomics but I think I do favor the volkyls.
From everything I have read the Atomic Affinity Pure's are strictly an intermediate ski which is fine. Everything I have read about the volkyls say they are an intermediate to advanced ski.
I am curious as to what makes the volkyl's an intermediate to advanced ski. The atomics are very stiff and a much heavier ski so I was surprised to see this was "only" an intermediate ski. The volkyl's are an intermediate to advanced ski, they are way lighter, turn super easy and have much more flex in them which I thought would be more in an intermediate ski but guess I had it backwards?
Here are the atomics
Here are the Volkyls
I think I like the volkyl's better as they turn on a dime and are so light and maneuverable.
I am probably going to keep both pairs of skis but really was wondering if you had an opinion or talked to people who had ridden these skis etc.
Thank you and happy Skiing!!