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Telluride accommodations

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I haven't been to Telluride since I was a kid. Now I'm going to take my son there in February and wonder if any one can provide tips on where to stay. I searched but didn't find much info specific to what I'm looking for.


Must haves:


1. Ski in/out, or at least short (200 yard?) walking distance to the lifts.

2. Hot tub. Very much preferred to have a pool for the boy (outdoor would be awesome).

3. $250 a night is fine but wouldn't want to go much higher - this seems do-able.


Nice to haves:


1. Some character. A neat restaurant, bar, decor, view, etc.

2. Suite type room so some can go to bed earlier than others (my dad).

3. Ski & stay packages.

4. In Telluride itself - this is probably not possible with my visions of a swimming pool and that's fine.


Thanks for ideas. Looks like they might actually have good snow this year.

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I've only been to Telluride once so take my advice with a grain of salt.  I'm sure there are regulars and locals on here who can give better advice.  I stayed at Camel's Garden and was happy with the accommodations and location.  It's literally steps to the gondola and the #8 Oak St lift.  Personal tip, skip the gondola in the morning and take the Oak St double up.  You get to the best terrain faster (for advanced skiing) by going from the 8 lift to the 9 lift, Plunge.  It's the closest "big" hotel to a lift I think in the town.  I'm sure there are other smaller accommodations nearby, private rentals perhaps, but it was quite nice to ski right to the ski lock-up, hand them in and go upstairs for beers and hot tub time.  My other advice would be to stay in the town, whether at Camel's Garden or somewhere else.  I know the gondola is free from the village and back but it's a fair ride back and forth.  It was nice to just walk up a street and have the choice of a bunch of good places to eat and drink.  The town is really nice and laid back.  And the mac and cheese in the little bar/restaurant at the bottom of Camel's Garden is's got BACON in it...BACON!!!!  :-)


Re-reading..I should add it has an outdoor hot tub on the second floor, very nice view of Ajax Peak.  No pool.  Our lower priced room had a balcony overlooking the creek and the Oak St. face, a gas fireplace, very large room and bath.  I think we paid less than $250.  There is no swimming pool AFAIK.  Probably one of our better trips to be honest..great town, great skiing, we had pretty good conditions.  Access is a killer but we had zero lift lines in 7 days of skiing.

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Thanks. Camel's Garden is now on my list.

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