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Sportube Question

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Those of you using a sportube to travel, how are you labeling the case? Traditional luggage tag? Some kind of adhesive label?
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It is difficult to stick anything to the material making it practical to attach a label (similar to a luggage tag) to the handle. I also stick on a label, although I do not trust it so stay in place.
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I used duct tape and wrote info with a Sharpie.  Did two.  Hasn't come off in 3 years.  Also good to put your name and address on the inside.


To make it easier to identify, building up with a collection of ski area stickers.  Most unusual one is probably SkiSoutheast.

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Duct tape is the hallmark of a diehard skier. But if you want something a bit "cleaner" you can use a p- touch label maker. That tape stays on sport tubes for years also.
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