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Base Layer/thermals

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I wanted to get the Under Armour 3.0 thermals but they are like $70.  Is there anything else that is comparable on the market but a little cheaper? 


thank you

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Yes, base layers seem to be very expensive for what they are.  I guess they charge so much because they can.  I went shopping for boxing week sales, and the best I could do was 20% off. WTF?  Boxing week ain't what it used to be.  It's even harder for me because I cant stand wool, any wool.


Question: Why aren't ski Jackets warm enough?

Answer: So K2 et. al. can charge you $85.00 for a synthetic undershirt.


EDIT: Sorry forgot the alternative.  A down filled hunting vest. (I guess there is more competition for hunting vests:dunno)

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End of season sales, Steep and Cheap, Sierra Trading Post, REI outlet, ebay (yes you can find new there)...I can't remember when I've ever not gotten base layers on some sort of sale or discount.

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