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Telluride Boot Doctors or Solutions4feet....decisions!!

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Hi Everyone and happy new year!


I'm heading out to Telluride for a 19 day ski trip end of Feb through to March.


I'm in need of some boots and I really do need a boot master to fit them for me. I've had plenty of issues before with badly fitting boots and do not want to make the same mistake again (skinny calves, flat feet). Especially as the holiday is going to cost an arm and a leg!


So, should I get the boots fitted here in the UK by Solutions4Feet (I've heard great things) or would I be just as well waiting till I get to Telluride where I could use The Boot Doctors? And get any necessary adjustments done whilst in the resort.


I'm happy to pay for custom liners etc should they be needed as I really do want to get it right this time! I read once, 'shop for boots with closed eyes and an open wallet'!


Thanks for all your help and any tips on Telluride won't go amiss! We are 2 intermediates / advanced (i think!) who will be looking at taking lessons, either a 5 day camp group or private. 


Much Appreciated,



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buy locally from solutions for feet, and have the back-up of re-fit help from the boot doctors in telluride.



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Thanks for the advice pal. Probably a mistake to be asking people on here to basically give the thumbs up of one fitter over another!


My thoughts were that if I got the fitting done in Telluride, they would be more familiar with the original fit and be able to fine tune over my stay. However, I have only read amazing things about Solutions4Feet. I'm just hell bent on getting it right due to me having wasted cash and time on the slopes with poorly fitting boots from previous resorts.


Thanks again.



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competent boot fitters can seamlessly pass clients back and forth because they will follow similar, not necessarily exact methods of assessing the foot.


a good boot fitter can do the forensics on any foot and boot that arrives in the shop and figure out what was done and why.


some exceptions might include good boot fitters that have exceptionally large egos and are unable to play in the sandbox nicely with anyone.



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Thanks for the advice guys.


Turns out I'll not have time in UK to get to Solutions4feet, so its going to be the Boot Doctors in Telluride.


I've booked an appointment on line. Hopefully I'll get Bob!


I'll be sure to let you know how my new boots do!



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sorry we couldn't get you in in time, if you need any adjustments doing after you get back, be sure to get in touch


have a great trip

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