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fitting skins?

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A question about sizing skins from someone with no experience - I have heard 2 schools of thought and wanted opinions on which may be better. Is it best to choose a size that essentially covers the entire base (e.g., if your skis have a 105 mm shovel, buy 100mm wide skins and cut them down to match the sidecut of the ski, leaving only the edges exposed) or buy a size that is about 5-10mm narrower than the waist measurement of the ski (e.g., for a 70 mm waist, buy 60 or 65 mm width skins). It would seem that the latter option would make it easier to put the skins on, but how much climbing efficiency do you loose, and is it worth it?
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Checkout the last posts in " What skis for AT"

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Going narrower, and not cutting them to the shape of the ski does reduce traction. Another factor, particularly with wide skis, is how bulky the skins are when you want to stick them in your front jacket pockets for quick yo-yo-ing.

My suggestion is to get skins wide enough for the tails of your skis (minus 6-8 or so mm for the edges), then cut-to-shape the middle. This way they will fit together better when you fold them in half, and you get some extra traction over not shaping without going too far on the bulky/unruly side.

To cut them, stick them on your skis but shifted further to the side with the skins hanging off the edge so you can trace the knife along the edge of the ski. Then do the other side.
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Yes i'd go with what AC suggested. I've just got a pair of Pocket Rockets for touring on and i've used a similar approach to sizing and cutting my skins to fit. I can also recommend the G3 and Blackdiamond skins over some of the ones i've bought in europe.
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