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Looking to transition from Salomon XScream 8's bought back in 2001 to something new.  On the skill level scale, I'm a 7.  I'm 42 5'8" 170 lbs and ski mostly in the Midwest with 1 or 2 trips out west each year. Ski mostly groomers, but I do like to mix it up in the bumps on occasion.


I've pretty much made up my mind that I'm going to go with the Motive 76 or 80 in a 168 length.  My preference would be to go with the Motive 80's.  I think they'll be a little more stable and a little more adaptable to different snow conditions.  However, I'm a bit concerned in going from a ski with a 68mm waist to an 80mm waist.  


Would I be better off going with the 76 or will it be no big deal top hop on the 80's?


Salomon XScream 8 181cm 106-68-96

Motive 76 168cm 122-76-106

Motive 80 168cm 122-80-110