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I just found out that 3/4 length CW-X plus Point 6 compression ski socks = 100% compression coverage. Happy happy joy joy.
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I have just cut the bottom 10cm of my capilene base layers for touring. For something a bit warmer i have a pair of black Marmot 3/4 powerstretch tights, not sure if they still make 'em.

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Very timely topic for me. I had a compression fracture to two vertebrae in the lumbar this summer but physioed aggressively to make it back for a Jasper ski week this month.  As wellI I had a right ACL reconstruction two years ago with decent recovery. So with all these traumas to the lower body I thought these ¾ compression tights would be a good idea. I ordered the CW-X Stabilyx regular with guaranteed arrival and the ¾ insulated as well but late delivery by one day. Thanks to all for the ringing endorsement of the CW-X brand. I hope to add my testimony after the trip.

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Just my 2 cents regarding the compression pants and material quality. I never felt the need for compression pants or liked the initial feel until my wife bought me a pair or Opexid 3/4. I had no idea about this brand and I almost fainted when I hear about the price. ( I was convinced she was duped). Anyway, as it was a gift and contingent on me being allowed to go skiing, I did not say anything, packed and go. Usually, the first day I ski, after a long drive, my legs get tired around 2 pm. The first time I put my Opedix, the material popped and I had a feeling it will rip apart. Took me a while to put it on and it was tight, an unusual feeling. Once on the slope everything was ok, it felt ok but my surprise came where I could ski the whole day without feeling my legs tired. To recap, material quality seems very good, it feels perfect once on and it seems to be working. Do not know how warm they are, the weather was not very cold. The only comparison I can make is with UA and it is not a fair one as Opedix is very expensive compared to UA. Would I buy one with my own money? Still debating it especially that there are other brands that are cheaper and look as good quality. I know that I will always wear compression tops and bottoms from now on.

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I know that I will always wear compression tops and bottoms from now on.


Have you ever worn compression for a summer sport?

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Never and I am/was a very active guy. Ex fighter pilot, 170lb, 5'10". I got a DVT (blood cloth) in my left leg due to a muscle tear last year and after healing when exercising my calf was swollen all the time. My doctor suggested a compression sleeve and I got the CET from Sun and Ski (my favorite store even in the summer - looking for ski deals). It works, my calf is normal and I do not feel any swelling. I am wearing CET on both legs when running and it feels much better. Do not know about tops in the summer, it might be too  much but I have worn Nike compression sleeveless and it felt alright (not as much improvement as pants or calf). Overall, based on my experience, compression made a huge difference. Now, which brand and what kind, it is a matter of choice but unless you are very rich, buy something less expensive (than Opedix) and see if you like it.

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^^^^take a look at the Point 6 compression ski socks. I got a minor DVT in my calf after a tibial plateau fracture and that is when I looked into performance sport compression. I'd rate the socks at least as highly as the 3/4. I tend to leave them on for 12+ hours after skiing, it makes a huge difference and gives you 100% compression while skiing in a very thin performance ski sock.
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The reason I ask is:  I have used compression quite a fair bit and  I do *not* find compression garments particularly effective or useful /during/ summer sports.  Granted, those are a lot more constant in activity level than lift-served alpine skiing is.      I do, however, find compression pretty useful after the activity  in a "not as sore the next day" way.

So, my next question would be,  has anyone used recovery tights after an intense ski day.    Particularly those of you with histories of vein thrombosis?

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During summer I play soccer, tennis, golf, and run (only when I have to) and I do not see too many people wearing compression. The one that I saw were trying to compensate for a particular and localized issue (calf DVT, hurt tight, etc) and did not wear a complete pants or tops. It might have to do with the level of activity, perspiration, comfort and the overall feeling while playing the game. I think in the summer people sweat more than while skiing and do not know how comfortable the full compression gear feels. When I have started wearing the compression sleeve I felt it during the day, now it does not feel differently and I am wearing it all the time (except when sleeping). For people with DVT or other localized issues, I think compression is a must, for the healthy ones the jury is still on. Look at the professional athletes, wouldn't they wear it if 100% proven? And look at the weightlifters how they support their joints, I think it also depends on the type of activity. And to answer your question, I kept the Opedix after skiing and I felt great the next day. Absolutely no problem, in my case, it helped with the recovery. I have to say that the Opedix provides a very, very good knee support but I do not have a problem with my knees so I might have overbought (oh, it was a present I forgot). Do DVT and knees problem while skiing - compression is a must (my opinion) everyone else depends on your available funds and how committed you are on skiing. (I would say first but the best boots, socks, ski before compression)

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