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LOOKOUT PASS SKI AREA - Ski Conditions (2014)

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Skied Lookout 1/1/14 with my wife and had a nice day on Groomers.   Off piste was pretty iffy almost everywhere.  Lower run under chair 2 would be really bad, EOB  I have not skied yet too many hazards.  Front side groomers skied good.  Chair 2 groomers skied good except on the bottom as you roll over before the run outs, rocks, stumps and some snags still sticking up or right under the surface.  You can avoid them if you are careful.  Chair 3 skied Marmot and it was ok but they are only grooming the middle and the off piste still has some stumps and rocks.  We had a good time on the groomers and Lookout sure does a better grooming job than Silver.  Fun day.



NOTE.    This is the start of a thread for Inlanders on the conditions and news at Lookout.  Please post here when you ski Lookout or post questions etc.

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Was at Lookout yesterday and found conditions to be pretty decent (all things considered).  4" of new overnight with some areas drifted upwards of 8" and others with nothing due to wind.  I will echo Pete's comments that the lower third of both chair 2 and 3 need snow!  Good to be in a bit of powder again though.  Did backcountry laps south of Lookout today and found 8-12" of fantastic dry snow above 5500', had an excellent day!

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Wed. 1/8  3 inches reported and 3 in. was correct.  Skiing was good for a couple hours basically skiing the face and the edge of groomers.  Still too iffy for real off piste skiing.  Did the right side of Lucky fridays and was ok.  My ski partner did EOB on Sat. and once you are through the trees it was very thin and not recommended.  Hercules was better than it looked but still a little dicey in spots.  Let it snow.  Was snowing prettty good when we left.

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Friday Jan10th.             Lookout reported 5 inches.  I would say 3 inches.  Skied good, b asically skied the fresh sides of runs and Buffalo Ridge and the face.  Snow was lighter than Silver was on Thur but not even close on depth.  from the looks of things people had a good time Thurs hammering the powder.  Buffalo was excellent, the face was chopped up but the snow was really good.  Beer was good and unlike Silver they serve it in a glass instead of a plastic cup.

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Forgot, the roll over at the bottom of Chair two is now covered.  A few tip tops sticking up but no rocks or stumps.  Gotta carry that speed into the flats and you can do it now.

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Thurs 16th of Jan.


Skied Lookout today with the wife.  Basically groomer skiing, stayed on front side till about 1100 and then skied backside and it was excellent groomer skiing. Sunshine, pretty warm, no people and the beer was good.  About 1:45 I chanced Sundance top to bottom thinking the snow had softened in the sunshine.  It was really good, still had to run around some brush but skied good.  Tried the far left side to eliminate the double fall line and it worked well.  The face skied good too about 10 am.  Good day, no real powder but a good day.


Miscell.   Backside good about 11 or 1130 on after softened a little.

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Wed 28 January, Lookout reported 3 inches.  Skied like 3-6 depending on where you were.  Most of the hill was still scratchy off piste.  chair 3 not enough snow to heal.  Hercules, Dipper and Niagra had big moguls and not enough snow to heal.  About 6 more inches should heal the mountain.  the best skiing was the <Montana Face which skied real well.

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Wed. Feb 12th.   raining at Lookout this AM, lots of very wet mank snow.

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