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Bindings advice needed

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After a season with 80+ days on snow, I'm sick and tired of buying new cables for my Chilli's! :
So, I need new bindings...
Any suggestions? Pro's/Cons...
I'm an agressive skier and will be in Garmont Squadra boots this season.
And please remember I'm a poor skibum on a tight budget.... :

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For hard core tele skiing, you cant beat Linkens.
The main con of the linkens is that they are heavy and not the best for touring.

G3 targas, BD skye O2, and Rainey Hammerheads are also worth a look.

also, im selling a pair of Linkens for $150. Let me know if you are interested
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I've not been on all of the tele bindings currently available on the market...

I have used the following... Pitbull, SkyHoy, Chilis, G3's, Hammerheads, all Voiles, Linken, Bishop and the O2's.

I prefer the Hammerhead. It has a bomber design; It's very easy to service; It has a super smooth compression that won't bottom out; It's very BC friendly; And... the really neat aspect of being able to move the fulcrum point of the cable so more or less shovel pressure is delivered to the uphill ski.

It's also an expensive rig. However, he delivers it with a very comprehensive video regarding function, design, repair, mounting and remounting. You'll also get a very good template to mount the bindings with. Also, more shops are starting to sell this binding as well as service it.

I've received very prompt service from Rainy Designs for a replacement part that had a flaw in the manufacturing process. I got another part "Next Day" and was back in business in short order.
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Yup, Squadras are hard on Chili cables. I blew up many. I switched initially to Hammerheads and liked them for the points brought up by Pinhead. Last season I got the chance to ski most every binding on the market (everything except the Bishop and Linken) and came to like the Voile Hardwire the most. It's solid, simple, inexpensive and perfectly matched to the the Squadra. It's like skiing the Hammerhead in the #3 position (which is where I liked to ski the Hammerhead most). I weigh 150. If I weighed near 200 I might give the nod to the Hammerhead because of it's beefy, smooth compression in the #4 and #5 positions. This season I added the 7TM to the quiver but it's expensive and does not offer the same lateral control as the Hammerhead or Voile. It's enough though and I like it's ultra smooth "feel". My old knees decided for the insurance of a possible release. Good luck.
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Hi Tele Swede.

Did you by any chance send me some info on an enquiry regarding backcountry Fernie?
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